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2X best-selling author
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Energizing. Enlightening. Entertaining.

Tanya is your guide to discovering meaning in

I speak about productivity without boring you to death.

Tanya is a motivating keynote speaker who helps audiences understand that productivity isn’t about doing more; it’s doing what’s most important. She creates an experience that transforms the way your audience thinks about their time.

After an hour with Tanya, you’ll learn:

  • What a single pair of jeans does to boost Sir Richard Branson’s business
  • How to think long term using short measurable milestones
  • The science-backed truth about how we think about Natalie Portman affects our goals
  • Strategies to create decision-making confidence
  • How packing a suitcase changes your perception of time

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Tanya Dalton is a mixture between Brené Brown and Stephen Covey


Top 10 Business Book of the Year

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Tanya helps us get real with our purpose and start living more intentionally.


Best Way to Nail Your New Year’s Resolution

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Women around the world are finding meaning in their lives through Tanya’s two best selling productivity books. Join the movement:

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Two of the best productivity books for women by Tanya Dalton. The books are titled Joy of Missing Out and On Purpose: The Busy Woman's Guide to an Extraordinary Life of Meaning and Success.

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The infinite impact model that shows how productivity with purpose works.

|you|           |others|

 3 key choices:

  • Beliefs
    how you view your time
  • Boundaries
    how you prioritize your time
  • behaviors
    how you act in the time you have

The choices you make have the power
to make each day meaningful.

(Yes, even that ordinary Tuesday.)

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