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There’s only one person truly enjoying the moment.

How do I find meaning in my life?

That’s the core question I use as my guiding light for everything I create for you, whether it’s chapters in a book, a podcast episode or a keynote at an event. I believe it’s the heart of everything I talk about with Purposeful Productivity.

I want to help you answer that question for yourself: How do I find meaning?

On January 1, 2022, I made the intentional decision to leave social media. It wasn’t something I did lightly, I chose to take a stand because most of these platforms do not align with my values.

 In my opinion, they make communication less authentic and less meaningful and I believe these platforms often divide rather than bring us together.

Social media was a distraction for me from doing the work that makes an impact and helps you answer that all-important question.

I want real conversations and real relationships, so since leaving social media behind, I show up more authentically in my weekly emails, I hold live free events where we can truly connect and I’m 100% present at the events where I speak.

It’s always important for me to stay true to who I am and what I believe. Stepping away from social media aligns with who I want to be.

Want to hear more about this choice I made?

In November of 2021, I made the announcement that I was leaving social media. I recorded this podcast episode to explain why it was important for me to take a stand. Here’s why:


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