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The Intentional Advantage

A top rated productivity podcast with actionable strategies and tactics to help you create a life of meaning.

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The Intentional Advantage is the best productivity podcast for high-achieving women who are ready to step into intentional leadership at work and in their personal life. If you are a woman who has spent your life chasing busy, overwhelmed by everything you need to do.… if you know you’ve accomplished a lot but still secretly feel unqualified…if you have felt defined by overachieving, over perfecting and are just plain over it, this is the podcast for you.

In each episode, Purposeful Productivity expert Tanya Dalton shares actionable strategies and tactics to help you reclaim your time, reignite your purpose, and restore harmony in your life. Tanya is an international best-selling author, speaker and 7-figure entrepreneur who can help you overcome your limiting beliefs, reduce your anxiety and boost your self-confidence.

After all, you were made for an extraordinary life.


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