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August 1, 2017   |   Episode #:

029: Batching Tasks: Your Best Work in Less Time

In This Episode:

Start saving yourself time and work smarter through batching your tasks. Today, I’m discussing how you can categorize tasks so you can implement a simple strategy to help you stay focused and work with intention. After today’s episode, you’ll be ready to begin producing higher quality work in less time.

Show Transcript:

The Big Idea

Batching tasks allows you to get more done in succinct pockets of time

Questions I Answer

  • How does batching help me be more productive?
  • What tasks can I batch?
  • What does it mean to batch tasks in productivity?
  • How can I find more time?

Actions to Take

Key Topics in the Show

  • Why you need to work with intention – the natural way your brain WANTS to work.

  • The two categories you can use to easily batch tasks.

  • Actionable steps to creating a plan for batching task so that your goal is completed.

  • Think you don’t have enough time to focus on batching tasks? I’m giving real-life examples and tips for how you can minimize or stop distractions.

  • Examples of tasks you can batch starting today.

Resources and Links

  • List of Tasks You Can Batch to Help You Be More Productive:
    • Email: Create batch zones/time frames for answering emails. When you’re in this mode, you’ll be able to focus in on these questions or concerns anyone has for you.
    • Phone Calls: Stop worrying about taking phone calls throughout the entire day. Start making them during one time frame. Let others know your hours of availability.
    • Chores: For chores at home or meal prep, you can cook during one or two nights of the week. Have a certain day of the week that you most like to use for cleaning or laundry.
    • Shopping & Errands: The great perk to this one is that it will not only save you time, but gas too. Make sure to create a list beforehand so you don’t forget anything.
    • Reading: Save articles, magazines, books and more in a folder on your computer or phone. This works well for students and teachers, especially who may have more required reading.
Show Transcript

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