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September 4, 2018   |   Episode #:

086: Creating Connections: Importance of Others

In This Episode:

We’ve been talking about happiness all season long, and today we’re discussing the importance of connections and how that impacts your happiness. It’s important that we treat our friendships as the priority that they truly are because as humans, our need for love and belonging are the foundation for who we are. In this episode, we’ll discuss how important friendships and connections are, the way that connection impacts your health, and why it is important to build a friendship on a variety of different interests on multiple levels.

Show Transcript:

The Big Idea

Strong connections with others actually boosts your productivity

Questions I Answer

  • How can I build deeper connections with others?
  • What can I learn from How to Win Friends and Influence People?
  • How do my relationships affect my productivity?

Actions to Take

  • Watch this week’s video on TanyaTV I review the Six Essential to Making Better Connections according to Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Bring in people to your circle who look different from you, who act different from you, who believe differently than you. I really think that is a great way for us to all grow. Nurture and nourish the friendships you already have, even if they’re across a great distance. Schedule time together with a weekly phone call or a video call. Make sure that you voice your appreciation for the time you spend together.

Key Topics in the Show

  • Choosing connection in order to nurture relationships as an important part of our holistic selves

  • Building true connection through quality time

  • The impact connection and loneliness have on your health

  • Showing up for collective moments of joy and pain to bear witness to human connection

  • Creating relationships on common interests on multiple levels

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