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September 24, 2019   |   Episode #:

141: Saying No So You Can Find Your Yes

In This Episode:

This week, I’m giving you an exclusive sneak peek into a chapter of my book, The Joy of Missing Out, that’s all about finding your yes. Oftentimes, the pledge of doing #allofthethings can lead us into spending our time doing things that we don’t necessarily love or that doesn’t actually matter to us. This chapter teaches you how to sort through the noise in life and uncommit to the things that don’t bring you joy. I share what your yes should feel like, why quitting doesn’t equate to failure and how to prioritize ourselves by learning to say no.

Show Transcript:

The Big Idea

Yes, often actually means no (especially when it comes to YOUR priorities).

Questions I Answer

  • How do I say no more often?
  • How can I turn down an opportunity kindly?
  • Why do I always say yes?
  • What are some phrases I can use when I want to say no?

Actions to Take

Key Topics in the Show

  • A sneak peek into chapter 11 of The Joy of Missing Out

  • The art of learning when your answer should be yes or no

  • My favorite yes, and the sacrifices my family and I made to get there

  • Being pulled in too many directions and how this hinders us from making the impact we want

  • Making a commitment to your schedule and what’s important to you

  • Having a go-to phrase ready to give yourself space to consider opportunities

Show Transcript

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