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May 11, 2021   |   Episode #:

224: Why No Is Never the Final Answer

In This Episode:

How many times have you heard no before along your journey as an entrepreneur or business owner? (A lot, I hope!) Here’s the truth: If you haven’t run into a little bit of rejection as a business owner, you aren’t challenging yourself nearly enough. In this episode, you’ll discover what failure really means and how it leads to success and the lucrative life you want. You’ll also get an inside scoop on my experience with rejection and learn the five ways you can turn a no into a yes so you can build momentum to help grow and scale your business!

Show Transcript:

The Big Idea

No stands for “new opportunity.”

Questions I Answer

  • What can I do if no one supports me?
  • How do I push forward when everyone tells me no.
  • How can I deal with obstacles?

Key Moments in the Show

  • Why you need to take risks

  • What rejection really means

  • How failure leads to success

  • 5 ways to turn a no into a yes

  • How to be persistent

Resources and Links

  • 5 Ways to Turn No Into a YES
  • 1) Consider what the ‘no’ really means
  • 2) Reframe failure
  • 3) Dig in, and be persistent
  • 4) Shift and make adjustments as needed
  • 5) Be authentic
Show Transcript