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May 25, 2021   |   Episode #:

226: Building a Self-Managed Team

In This Episode:

Do you have a self-managed team working alongside you in your business? If not, it’s time to hire one ASAP. In this episode, discover what a self-managed team is and why your business growth and long-term success hinges on hiring a mix of employees to lighten your load as the CEO and visionary leader of your business. You’ll learn the importance of hiring employees based on character, rather than skill, plus a few strategies to make the onboarding process fun and easy to take on!

Show Transcript:

The Big Idea

If you are doing assisting your assistant… you are the assistant.

Questions I Answer

  • How do I hire a strong team?
  • What key traits should I look for when hiring?
  • How do I build a culture for team?

Key Moments in the Show

  • What is a self-managed team

  • How to hire a team

  • Easy steps to onboarding

  • Benefits of hiring more employees

  • Why teamwork matters to your business success

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