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September 14, 2021   |   Episode #:

237: How to Make Time Slow Down

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How do you make time for the people you love and the things you want to do? Here’s the truth: time is all about perception. Join me on this episode to learn tips on how to manage your time better so that you can create space for the things that matter. You’ll hear some of my favorite strategies for making time slow down, plus tips for changing how you perceive the time you have each day so that you can feel more in control of your day and better prepared to tackle all of the tasks, responsibilities, and passion projects you have on your plate!

Show Transcript:

The Big Idea

There is no time management.

Questions I Answer

  • How do I make time for the things I want to do?
  • How do I slow time down?
  • Why does it feel like time is moving quickly?
Show Transcript

Extraordinary is a choice. Take that in… soak it up. Because the hustle, grind repeat mantra society has been touting for decades? It’s had it all wrong.I’m Tanya Dalton, I’m a 7-figure entrepreneur, author, speaker, mom…and rule breaker. I’m here to help you live to your fullest potential… that’s what this podcast is all about.The intentional advantage is doing life on our own terms, defying the status quo and seeing ourselves outside of the tidy definitions society has made for us. It’s intentionally choosing to step back away from the chaotic rush of your everydays and CHOOSING… Choosing to see that it’s your world…and it’s filled with opportunitiesLet’s challenge the bedrock beliefs that so many have wholeheartedly trusted because we were told they were truths. Let’s have a healthy disregard for the impossible…Let’s choose to be extraordinary.

Hello, hello and welcome to episode 237 of the intentional advantage podcast. I’m your host, Tanya Dalton. And we’re just going to skip straight to the chase because we’re having some great conversations this season talking about designing a life on your own terms, but I’m getting a lot of questions. And honestly, most of the questions are the same,

the same question in a thousand different forms. How do you have time to do the things you do? Or I’d like to have a life that I create on my own terms, but I just don’t have the time to do that. Or how do you make sure? I mean, there’s literally 3 million variations of the same question that’s being posed again and again.

And I get it because it’s so easy to blame time at time is this like full scapegoat time and the universe either the universe is against you or time is like, you know, running you ragged, right? Here’s the truth you are in charge of your time. You are the one who decides how your time is spent. And in fact, for my newest book for on-purpose,

which comes out in October, we have a whole chapter on time because you can’t have a conversation about creating an extraordinary life of meaning and success. If you don’t talk about time, we have this, this really complicated relationship with time. We have this, we have this push and pull, and this is one of the things that we talk about in the book is this idea of,

we think we don’t have enough time. And then in the very same breath, we’ll pretend like we have this amazing, like huge Harry Potter size, vault of time in the same breath. And let me tell you what I mean, we like to blame time in that. I can’t go after my goals. I have this big dream, but I don’t have the time to do it.

I don’t have time. I have all these things going on. So there’s a scarcity of time. And then we’ll say, oh, well those dreams, those aspirations, those goals, I’m not going to do them today. I’ll do them later. I’ll do them someday. When the kids get out of, you know, move out of the house or when the clouds part and rainbow shoot out of the sky or,

you know, or one day when I retire. And so there’s this scarcity. And yet this vault at the same time, right? The scarcity and abundance and scarcity and abundance, they do not apply when it comes to time. Time is simply time. So what I want to do today is I want to talk about how we look at time, how we perceive time,

because time is incredibly fluid. It’s all about perception. So today’s episode is going to be a little bit shorter than maybe our regular length. And I like this idea of like answering the question that you guys are posing to me, giving you just a quick shot of, here’s a way that you can combat this. And then I want to give you the time that you normally would spend listening to the podcast to start applying this idea and this concept.

So let’s, let’s do that today because I’m excited to share with you this little kind of game or this exercise I’ve created for myself that has allowed me to slow time down. I know it sounds like I am like all powerful, but I’m not because time is time. 60 minutes is 60 minutes. Regardless of that, 60 minutes is spent on the beach with a cocktail,

a fruity cocktail with an umbrella in the straw. Or if that 60 minutes is spent getting ready to give an online presentation, that 60 minutes is the exact same amount of time. And yet they feel vastly different time on the beach, like lingers and stretches. And it feels incredible. You maybe have time for a nap and reading some chapters of your book and just staring off at the ocean.

Gosh, that sounds really good right now that time, that same 60 minutes, right before a presentation that doesn’t feel like it lingers. It doesn’t feel like it’s amazing. It feels stressful. It feels exhausting. It feels fast, right? You look at the clock and all of a sudden you’re like how in the world do 60 minutes pass? But it’s the same amount of time.

Time is all about our perception. And this is why we have this complicated relationship because we get caught up in feeling like time is against us, that we are a victim of time. When in fact we are the owners of time because we own our mindset out of all the things, the many, many things in this world that we cannot control our mindset.

Our perception of time is actually one of the things that we can control. And I think when you start to recognize and realize that this is fully within your power, it is incredibly exciting. It really is. In fact, create and cultivate asked me to write an article recently and I’ll put a link to it in the show notes, but they had me write an article about the fact that I remove the phrase.

I don’t have the time from my conversations. I no longer say I don’t have the time to do X, Y, and Z, or I say, there’s not enough time to do whatever it is. Right. I take ownership over my time. I recognize that it’s all in how I want to spend my time and how I prioritize the things I want to do with my time.

So now I say, I’m choosing not to prioritize that right now for, I don’t want to give that my time, because it really is your choice, how we spend our time. And I want you to start to recognize that and realize that. So I have a really simple, very easy. We could call it an exercise, but I really started doing this for myself.

I came up with this game that I wanted to play by myself because that’s, I guess how I roll. I was thinking about how my drive to and from the office sometimes feels like, you know, running, you know, back and forth. It’s, I’m not sitting in a lot of traffic because I live in Asheville, which is amazing, but it is kind of this drudgery of,

I do this on a regular basis. I drive to work. I drive home from work. I drive to work. I drive home from work. And generally it’s the same path that I go on because it’s the way that has the least amount of traffic. So I thought to myself, how can I make this? Where this time feels better to me,

where I feel like I’m actually enjoying myself. So I’d love to share this with you because it is so insanely simple. Are you ready? Here’s what I do. I get in the car and now I have John doing this with me too. I get in the car and I choose a color just about any color, pink, purple, yellow, red,

whatever color I pick a color. And then I spend the car ride looking for things of that color. So what happens is my brain, my reticular activating system. If we want to get really technical here, which you’ve heard me talk about, I talk about that in Jomo. I’ve talked about it here in the podcast, but it’s how our brain filters for information.

So what I do is I’m essentially setting my brain to filter for the color. Let’s say pink, we’re filtering for the color pink. So I get in the car and I say, all right, the color today is pink. And as I’m driving, my brain is like picking up all these pink signals, little tiny that I never have noticed before on my drive to and from the office,

you know, the garage sale sign, the, the pink tricycle next to that house that I’ve passed 3 million times and never even took a look at the pink flowers on the side of the road, the pink in a billboard, the letters and how they look and just these little tiny things. And what I’ve noticed is when I do this exercise and I don’t do it every single time I get in the car,

I do it probably at least twice a week. But when I do this exercise, the drive is so much more enjoyable. It’s still the same amount of time. It takes me to get from the office to the house. I have not invented some sort of like transportation device that automatically beams me to the house. And it takes no time flat. I’m still using that time,

but I am savoring. I am lingering. I am enjoying, I’m stretching that time in a way that feels like the fruity cocktail on the beach, because all of a sudden the world which has been here all along feels new. It feels fresh because I never had noticed that tricycle. Wow. I guess those people have a couple of kids cause there’s a tricycle and there’s a bike next to it.

Oh, look, there’s a garage sale sign. Oh wow. Look at those flowers. I never would have noticed them before. And it really is these tiny microscopic moments in our day where we find happiness. You’ve heard me talk before about this idea of small, huge movements, simple to implement, easy to manage, but monumental in the impact they make.

This is a perfect example of one of those. And this is what I specialize in. This is honestly, one of my gifts is taking things that feel complicated and clarifying them, making them simple, right? That is really at the heart of everything I do from the podcast to the books, to the programs and the courses and any of the coaching that I do,

all of it is tied to this idea of taking things that are complicated and simplifying it. And that’s what we’re doing. We’re taking that car ride and we’re doing something incredibly simple to just enjoy, to allow that to happen. There is intense amounts of joy and happiness that are already there. There are ways you can bend and twist and stretch out time.

So it feels enjoyable. This is such a simple, easy way to do it. It takes no materials takes no money. It takes no time. Quite frankly, all it takes is setting that mindset of scanning for something you’d enjoy. Sometimes I’ll do colors. Sometimes I’ll do letters. I’ll do the other day. I did the letter w and I saw,

you know, a wheel barrel and I saw a wagon and I saw all these different things that I never have noticed before. That’s what I want for you. I want you to start to notice this world to be awake in your own life. I think it’s incredibly important to stop and recognize and realize the gifts you’ve already been given. So often we’re so busy,

wishing away our days wanting for something. And the days we have now, where things that we long ago, maybe wished for the things we have now are things that we wished for once upon a time, the kids, the job, the car, the house, the mortgage, all those things, whatever it is, we’re there now. So let’s choose to enjoy it in the moment.

This is absolutely what’s at the hearts of the entire message of on-purpose of my newest book. It’s all about not crossing a finish line. We want to cross the finish line. That’s great, but it’s really about every step you take to get to that finish line and enjoying each and every single one. There is so much joy in our lives. Let’s choose to discover it.

I think this is why I’m so passionate and excited about the extraordinary life blueprint, because the extraordinary is possible. It’s just taking the ordinary and giving it extra that life you want. You already have parts of it. The pieces are already there. It’s just up leveling it. It’s upgrading you from coach into first class, which you can do simply by changing your mindset simply by making decisions by choosing how you want to move forward.

I think that is really ultimately at the heart of everything we’re talking about here. When we’re talking about the extraordinary life or the extraordinary life blueprint, it’s achievable, small, huge movements, but incredibly simple, incredibly easy to do. That’s what I want for you. And if you have not grabbed your free course, if you have not taken advantage of getting to take the extraordinary life blueprint for free,

simply by pre-ordering my book on purpose, I want to encourage you to go ahead and do that. Go ahead and do that. That is a way of taking ownership for yourself, because right now, all you have to do is choose. Choose to pause the podcast, head over to Tanya dalton.com/e L B and grab this course for free. Because this example,

I gave you of how I get in my car. And I changed my mindset to stretch time and bend it to my will is a perfect example of the kind of thing that I like to show you as possible. And when I can create a course, I can dive even deeper to allow you to see that that extraordinary life absolutely is possible. So go ahead and do that right now.

You’re going to want to order a copy of the book anyways. You might as well. Pre-order the book. If you’re listening to me on this podcast, you already agree with what I’m talking about. You are already on board with wanting that life for yourself. Why wait until the book comes out, go ahead and do a pre-order right now because you’ll get that bonus.

Take advantage of that. That’s a choice you can make today. A small, huge movements, simple to implement, easy to manage, but monumental in your life in transforming your life into the extraordinary life of meaning and success. That’s my promise for you in the book. That’s my promise for you in this course that it’s going to transform you. It’s going to change the way you look at your days.

Let’s go ahead grab that course. And then I want you to make a plan today. I want you to grab a post-it note or an index card, or just a sheet of notebook paper, and write yourself a note, choose a color right now, and then put that next to your purse next to your bag. Something you’re going to grab so that you’ll remember on your car,

ride home tonight, pick a color, see where that color takes. You see if your drive doesn’t become more enjoyable, more extraordinary. We could say. And I would love for you to share with me how this little, tiny, simple, easy exercise has transformed a drive. You’ve made thousands of times into something a little bit more enjoyable because when you begin to understand that you have the power over time,

when you have the power over how your drive to and from work or to, and from the grocery store or wherever it is you’re heading to today. When you understand that you have that power you’ll know that you also have the power of choice. And when you understand that you have the power of choice, that’s when you have the intentional advantage. Thanks so much for joining me today.

Quick question though, before you go, do you like prizes? When you leave a rating and review of the intentional advantage podcast, you’ll be entered to win my life changing course, multiplying your time. Simply leave the review and then send me an email@helloatTanyadalton.com with a screenshot. I choose one winner at the end of every month. So go ahead. Do it right now.

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And me, it’s the best way to spread the word and get business tips and strategies to all those other women out there who need it. So there you go. Two great reasons for you to go and leave a review right now. So go ahead and do it, send that screenshot my way, because I want to give you a free course. And thanks again for listening today.

I’ll be back next Tuesday and I’ll plan to see you then.


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