209: The 12 Universal Laws to Help You Become the Master of Your Life | Tanya Dalton
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January 26, 2021   |   Episode #:

209: The 12 Universal Laws to Help You Become the Master of Your Life

In This Episode:

Do you know about the 12 Universal Laws? If not, then you’re in the right place. Once you master the 12 Universal Laws, the saying goes, you become the master of your life, and I know from experience that this is true. In this episode, we’ll dig into the meaning behind each of the universal laws to give you a better understanding of what they are and how they affect you. You’ll also get a few momentum-building strategies that will help you start applying the universal laws to your life so that the success you want… becomes that much easier to achieve.

Show Transcript:

The Big Idea

It’s all in your head.

Questions I Answer

  • What are the Universal Laws?
  • Are the Universal Laws real?
  • How do the Universal Laws help you be more productive?

Actions to Take

  • Think about a big dream and ask yourself, “What’s holding me back from achieving this?” Write down your answer to bring more awareness to the steps you must take to achieve your goal.
  • TAKE ACTION! All it takes is one tiny step to build momentum that will help you succeed.

Key Topics in the Show

  • The Key to unlocking your true potential

  • The 12 Universal Laws

  • How to Master the Universal Laws

  • The power of taking action

Show Transcript

This is The Intentional Advantage podcast with your host, Tanya Dalton,
entrepreneur, best-selling author, nationally recognized productivity expert and
mom of two. This season, Tanya is continuing to open up more conscious
conversations to help you awaken to who you are and to become the best version of
yourself. Welcome to Season 17 on Awakening. Are you ready? Here’s your host,
Tanya Dalton.
Hello, Hello, Everyone. Welcome to The Intentional Advantage podcast. I’m your host,
Tanya Dalton. This is Episode 209, the very first episode of season 17. I am so excited.
This new season is a brand new season that’s going to help us kick off this year even
more. And we’ve been talking quite a bit over the last few,
I guess, the last few months in Season 16, really diving in and exploring this idea of
conscious conversations, finding ways to dig in and learn how to reframe some of
our mindset and refocus our energy in a way that allows us to embrace ourselves on
a deeper, more purposeful level. Here’s the thing: I have really come to like the idea
of not just having but continuing these conscious conversations.
And I’ll be honest, the feedback I have received from so many of you out there
listening has been overwhelming; you’re loving this vibe. You’re loving this direction
that we’ve been going in. And so yes, this episode does mark the beginning of
Season 17, but I am not ready to put Season 16 behind me, not at all.
Because here’s the thing, reframing our mindset, really taking an inward look at
ourselves and digging into who we are and what, and how we think, it’s a lifelong
process. It really is. Personal growth is so needed because it gets us to our own
version of success. Personal growth leads to business growth, which leads to more
personal growth, which leads to business growth.
It’s this beautiful, amazing cycle. You see, your mindset is the key to unlocking your
potential. And here’s the truth. Your mindset can be what’s keeping you from
actually achieving that potential. This is why I think it is so important to really
understand why we think what we do. And so I really wanted to continue having
these conversations; so we can consider this season, you know, the sister season to
conscious conversations.

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But instead of calling it something like “conscious conversations, part two,” that’s too
boring, I thought we would call it something a little more inspirational instead. So
with that, I’d like to welcome you, again, to Season 17, which is all about taking the
concept of conscious conversations and bringing it all together into the element of
Season 17: Awakening. I love this word. I love it so much because, if I’m being truly
honest, the gap that we’re bridging between the last season and this one really just
blends so well with the words that I have had for 2020 and 2021. And I know on the
podcast, you’ve heard me talk before about how, last year, ‘discomfort’ was my word
of the year.
That was my focus word because I knew that I wanted to take some really deep
dives into who I am. And I wanted to have a lot of really big conscious conversations
with myself. And I knew that is not easy to do. I knew it was going to get
uncomfortable. And so discomfort felt like a great fit. So for 2021, I’m ready to see the
fruits of all that labor.
I’m ready to have all of that come together and align in a way that makes me feel
more refreshed and more prepared and just ready to step into myself in every way
possible, even more. So my word for this year is convergence. This idea of aligning
and completely stepping authentically into who I am, taking all the lessons I’ve
learned over the last 12 months, and bringing them together into moving me
I like this idea of bringing those deeper conversations that we had in season 16; I like
the idea of bringing those with us this year and then embracing this idea of taking
those conversations and allowing ourselves to truly and fully awaken. Let’s make the
conscious decision to step into ourselves, awaken, and blossom so that we can take
where we are now and begin to see the path of where it is we want to go and let’s
make that path a little clearer.
And quite frankly, let’s make it a little brighter while we’re at it. No matter who you
are or what you do, I want us to come together on this show every single week and
to allow ourselves to awaken and expand into the greatness that we all have the
ability to possess. Let’s look for ways that we can step into ourselves more
authentically, and let’s do it together, alright?
Let’s see how we can awaken our minds to all of the beauty and all of the glory that
is truly already at our fingertips. It’s just right there. Okay, so now that I have your
attention just a little bit, I want to adjust our sails just a touch and get into the very
first topic with this episode, which is something that honestly, I think you’re really

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going to enjoy because it has absolutely everything to do this idea of allowing
ourselves to awaken and expand into our highest fullest potential.
So what I want to talk to you about today are The Universal Laws. Now, if you felt
yourself pause just a little bit at that phrase, ‘The Universal Laws,’ don’t panic. Take a
deep breath, alright? Even if you don’t think you’ve ever heard of universal laws, or if
you are concerned that we’re going to go off on some woo-woo tangent, I’m willing
to bet that you have already been touched by the universal laws. So I really, I mean,
honestly, there’s no way you haven’t been touched by the universal laws. You’ll start
to see them as we dive into these a little bit here
because we experience the universal laws all of the time. This is why they’re called
the universal laws. They literally apply to all of us, alright? So right now, you might be
asking, ‘Alright, Tanya, can you just get to the chase? What exactly are these laws,
and how do they possibly apply to me and this idea of awakening that we’re going to
focus on?’
Okay, well, for one thing, they say that once you master the universal laws, you
become the master of your life. And, ooh, I like the sound of that. I don’t know about
you, but truly, that sounds amazing. And I know that I fully stand behind the
statement because I’ve seen so many of the elements of the universal laws at play in
my own life, both at work and at home.
It’s just too much to honestly ignore. And so I’ve, I’ve looked into the universal laws to
help me understand what it truly means to manifest something and to really
understand the importance of putting action behind those manifestations,
especially in my business, but also in my personal life as well. So I’ve used these
universal laws to help me go even deeper with some of those conversations I’ve had
over the past year or so.
And I know that you can apply the laws to your life and get similar results, but to do
so, first, we need to open ourselves up a little bit to them; let’s understand what
these universal laws are. And so that’s what I want to dig into on today’s show. I want
to touch on the 12 universal laws. Now, 12, that’s quite a few; there’s a lot to go over.
So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to focus on the first six laws in this first
half of the show, and then we’ll have our quick little mid-episode break, and then
we’ll dive into the other six. So it is 12. It’s quite a few, which means we’re just taking a
shallow dive today, just a quick, shallow dive into each one of these because you’re
going to be seeing these laws appearing in different forms.
They’re going to be popping up in different episodes all season long. And when they
do, I want you to be able to recognize them. I wanted to give you a quick little primer
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so that when we’re talking about them in a couple of episodes from now or next
week’s episode, you’re going to say, ‘Oh, I remember when she talked about that.’
Okay? Because here’s what I want us to do. I want us to get a little bit of a brief
understanding of these laws, and then we’ll shift our focus just a bit to how we can
start applying one of these laws in a very intentional way, so we can truly become
masters of our lives.
That’s a pretty amazing statement, I think. So, let’s really hone in on this idea of
becoming the master of our lives. So here’s the thing with the universal laws,
because I know right now there’s some of you listening who are thinking, ‘I don’t
know. I think this is really woo-woo.’ But I need you to keep this in mind,
It’s essential to keep an open mind because any laws that we have as far as science
or physics or any of those things were all kind of woo-woo. At some point, they
seemed weird. When people talked about the earth being round, people thought
they were crazy. When we talked about the fact that the earth was not the center of
the solar system, people thought it was nuts. It seemed seriously woo-woo.
But eventually, these things were proven, and just like the laws of gravity or things
like magnetic fields, these universal laws are very real, and they’re readily accepted
concepts that we can’t see. It’s true. We can’t see these universal laws just like we
can’t see magnetic fields, or we can’t see gravity, but they’ve been proven, again and
This is not some kind of BS that somebody came up with. These are true and real
laws for how the world works. All right, let’s go ahead and dive into the very first one.
The first one I want to get into is the Law of Divine Oneness. I love this law because
basically what it means is all of us are connected.
Every single one of us is connected. We share the same common atoms. We share
the same elements as one another. No matter how different we may seem or feel or
believe or look, we are all one and the same. We share the exact same makeup as
the galaxy does. We’re the same makeup as the stars. But what’s amazing to me is
that means that I am connected to you in that we are one in the same; we are
sharing the same human experience.
This is our most basic connection. While our lives may look or seem vastly different,
we’re all connected in the way that we experience certain emotions and events. In a
lot of ways, we are very, very connected. And that, to me, is an amazing thing. When
you start to recognize and realize that, it helps you to feel a little closer to
people–even people who think or feel or believe differently than you do.

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So I love that. All right, the second law that we’re going to talk about is the Law of
Vibration. And this essentially lends itself to that old saying, ‘like attracts like.’ You
know, in other words, when we put out into the world, the positive energy, the
positive attitude, the positive behavior, we’re going to attract positivity in return. The
same thing is true with our negative energy and our negative behavior: we’re going
to attract the same. So when we put out our energy, what do we want to send out? If
your energy is positive and you’re vibrating at that positive, higher frequency, you’re
going to attract positive energy in return.
If you’re giving off negative vibes or negative energy, then you know you’re going to
be drawing negative people to you. And it makes it so that this is how we see the
world. You know, we talked about this in my book, The Joy of Missing Out. Our reality
is based off the lens in which we view the world. So if our lens is just smudged with
lots of negativity, it’s no surprise that we see a lot of negativity and we experience a
lot of negativity.
This is essentially the Law of Vibration. All right. Our third law is The Law of Action.
And this one has a lot to do with that idea of manifestation. And I know some people
think manifestation is kind of a strange concept and that you put something out
into the world and you give this idea or this thought, and somehow it’s going to
happen. That what we dream we can achieve.
But it really is true. When we apply this law of action, we have to have action behind
those dreams. See, there’s a catch with these universal laws, right? And for this one,
the catch is that we have to act to gain all the greatness and success that we want.
We need to put in the work. We have to earn it. It’s not enough just to throw it out
into the world. We have to take the steps needed to make it happen. And this law of
action is actually one of the ones that we’re going to be talking about in our
momentum builders a little bit later on in the show.
All right, let’s move to the fourth one. I told you we’re going fast because there are 12,
and we’re already on our way to number four. Number four is called the Law of
Correspondence. Now the law of correspondence encompasses this idea that, no
matter what your idea of faith is, no matter what religion you are or what you
believe, in truth, we human beings are more spiritual than physical.
In other words, there’s a lot more to us than our physical bodies. And many of us
already believe this because we understand and believe in our soul’s concept. That’s
a pretty widely accepted idea, but we also have the conscious and the subconscious
mind. So there’s a lot of us that goes beyond what we are physically.
This body that we encompass during this lifetime is really just there for our soul to
take place, right? That’s where our soul belongs. So you can think of the law of
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correspondence as one that represents our relationship with our soul, with our inner
self and that inner voice that’s constantly calling out to us begging for attention; not
our inner critic, not the loud voice that tells you everything you do is wrong and that
you look bad in those pants or whatever.
It’s that quieter, gentler, more steady voice that we really have to listen hard to, that
we have to quiet down to listen to. That is what we’re paying attention to when we’re
talking about the law of correspondence; it’s the deeper part of us.
Okay, let’s get to law number five of the universal laws: the Law of Cause and Effect.
You know that saying, ‘for every action, there is a reaction’? Okay. See, you already
knew some of these laws, and I’m betting already, here we are at number five, that
some of these things are making you think, ‘Oh, I recognize that this is probably one
of them.’ Cause it affects whatever choices you make in life.
There’s going to be a consequence or a reaction. Everything happens for a reason. If
you do X, Y is going to happen. Everything that happens stems from your actions
and your choices. I love the cause and effect law because it embodies this concept
and idea that what we choose is ultimately how we live our lives.
The sixth law is the Law of Compensation and this is kind of like best friends with the
law of cause and effect. It’s almost like an extension of the fifth law. So they go really
well together. It relates directly to abundance and prosperity, to blessings that flow
into our lives in the form of relationships, money, gifts, and so forth. So there you go.
We’re already through the first six laws. Let me just really quickly repeat the first six
for you. And then we’re going to head into a break in just a minute.
The first one we talked about the law of divine oneness. The second law was the law
of vibration. Then we had the law of action. The fourth law was the law of
correspondence. Then we talked about the law of cause and effect. And this last one
was the law of compensation. All right? So see, you’ve heard of many of these before.
We’re just going to be talking about them in a slightly different way.
And for some people, it might feel a little woo-woo. But there’s nothing wrong with a
little woo in our life. The biggest thing I want you to remember before we take our
mid-episode break is this, these are called universal laws for a reason. As I said earlier,
I fully believe that if we can master even just a few of these laws, then our lives and
the success and the happiness that we want so badly can and will be easier to
It just takes a little bit of grace and a little bit of intention to put them into practice.
So I want you to think about that as we move forward and explore the next six laws

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on our list. But before we do that, I’m going to give myself a quick break and grab a
quick drink of water.
All right, it’s the first episode of our brand new season, which means this is an ideal
time to join my Facebook group because we’re shifting gears a little bit. You know,
we’re piggybacking off of season 16, but we’re moving into season 17. There’s no bad
time to join the Facebook group because, quite frankly, if you’re looking for space
where you can come and you can talk and you can get support and get
encouragement for you and your business, there is no better place than my
Facebook group. It really is an amazing community where we take a lot of these
ideas that we talk about here on the show.
And we dive even further into them. We share, we talk about our experiences. So I’m
anticipating this week in the Facebook group, we’re going to have some
conversations about how we’ve experienced the universal laws in our lives and how
we can experience them even more. So if that sounds good to you, if you are a
woman who’s ready to find your group of people, join us. Head to
Tanyadalton.com/group. I would absolutely love to see you there.
All right, let’s move on and talk to the last six laws on our lists. Are you ready? We’re
going to go quick just like we did on that first half of the show. Law number seven is
called the Law of Attraction. And I love the law of attraction because it really says
that whatever we focus our energy on and our attention on expands.
So if we focus in on the good in our lives, for example, then that feeling of positivity
and goodness will expand, provided we give it the space to do so. So I love that we’re
attracting the things that we really want. When we focus on the good, we get more
good. Oh, I love it.
Law. Number eight is our Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. Whew,
transmutation, that sounds like a tough one, right? It’s a mouthful, but here’s the
main takeaway from it. Whatever we’re not satisfied with in our lives, we possess the
ability to change or alter it so that it becomes something that we can be satisfied
with. I know that might be a little bit of a confusing statement, but this is what it’s
telling us: if you’re not happy, you can change it.
If you’re not satisfied, you can alter it. If you feel like you’re on the wrong path, you
can switch to a different path. You are in charge. You have absolute free will. So
whether it’s our work or how things are going at home, whatever it is, we can focus
on this idea of reframing our mindset, turning things on their head.
We can take a negative, and we can turn it into a positive. That’s a super power.
Don’t you think? I mean, think about it. And it’s the most beautiful thing in that this
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is a super power that we all share. We all can take and transmute bad to good. We
can all do that.
All right, let’s move on to that ninth law: the Law of Relativity. All right, you’ve
probably heard of this one before. The law of relativity and the gist of it is that every
single one of us has a story to tell. In other words, we’ve all experienced certain
situations, setbacks, failures, heartaches, and yet, we’ve all somehow learned to rise
above and come back stronger. I love this law because it speaks to how important
finding and maintaining perspective is, especially in the difficult seasons of life. It’s
about having the ability to really recognize and realize that we can bounce back; that
when we hit a deep valley in our life map, we’re not going to stay there forever.
It’s about knowing that we’re going to switch that up and move up the mountain
top eventually. Even at our darkest points, there is a tiny little shaft of light. We know
we’re not going to stay in the darkness forever. And that’s the thing with this law.
When we keep that perspective in mind, we’re able to shift our mindset for the
better. No matter what kind of low you’re experiencing right now, or at any point in
your life, you’re going to get out of it because of the law of relativity.
All right, next up on our list is the Law of Polarity. And I like this one, which I feel like I
have said at least 25 times by now, but they’re all so good. But what I like about this
law is it reminds us that there cannot be any goodness and there cannot be any light
in the world without darkness. Which means there cannot be darkness unless there
is light. Without the bad days we go through, the good days we experience wouldn’t
feel quite so nice. So this is such a great law to keep in mind, again, when you’re
going through a tough time.
Things may be hard right now, but if you allow yourself to give into the law of
polarity, you can trust that your tough time can and will eventually turn itself around.
You just need to be open to it. So you can see these laws play really well together.
And I think this is one of the things I really like about them: they take us from the
dark times or the hard times, or the tough times, and they show us that it’s not
going to be like that forever.
And that brings me to this idea, too, of law number eleven: the Law of Rhythm. And I
love that the law of rhythm really relates to the idea that everything in the world,
everything operates on a cycle. There is a rhythm to things in the world, and we can
see this very clearly in the earthly seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter, or in the
cycles of the moon and the cycles of the tides.
We women operate in cycles, too, don’t we? We have a 28-day cycle. We also have
cycles for sleeping in a wave. There’s a rhythm of how life moves. And once you
become comfortable with the ebb and flow of the rhythm of your own life, you can
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learn to ride the rollercoaster, all the twists and turns, and the ups and downs; it all
becomes a little bit smoother.
All right, our twelfth and final universal law is the Law of Gender. Now you may
recognize this law under a different term, Yin and Yang. Basically, this law affirms
that there are contradictory forces at work in life all the time. There is masculine
energy and there is feminine energy. We all have both. It doesn’t matter whether
you’re a man or a woman.
It’s all about this duality that we all experience, that things that, on paper, seem like
they don’t, or shouldn’t get together or complement one another actually in most
cases do. And it’s when we recognize the strength and weaknesses of these dualities
that we can learn to harness them and use them to our advantage.
So there we have it, the final six laws. I’m going to go back over them just really
quickly. We talked about the law of attraction, then the law of perpetual
transmutation of energy; the law of relativity, the law of polarity, and rhythm. And
then this last law, the law of gender.
That’s a quick and simple dive into these 12 universal laws and how they apply to
each of us. So now what do we do about these? How does this help us? How can we
harness these laws and really use them to our advantage? Well, let me give you a
couple of momentum builders to get you started.
And I know we have covered a lot today, so I’m not going to launch into 12
momentum builders so you can apply all 12 laws. Let’s just focus on one of them.
We’ll focus on that law of action because I want us to really see how you can really
begin to benefit when you understand the laws.
And especially with the law of action, we can talk about this idea of manifestation,
achieving the goals and dreams you really have. And what I love the most about this
law is that it’s so quick and easy to start applying right away into your personal life,
business life, or both.
All right. The first momentum builder: I want you to think about a big dream. I want
to think about something really big that you want to accomplish. I want you to ask
yourself this question. What is holding me back from achieving this right now? I
want you to flesh it out. I want you to think about it, write it down and bring more
awareness into the steps you need to take. And I want you to post it where you can
see it every day throughout this whole season.
That’s what I want you to do. I want you to write it down because the law of action is
tied to the idea of manifestation, of throwing our goals and dreams out into the
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universe at large, and then seeing what comes back. The whole point of manifesting
is not just the simple act of thinking about what you want and hoping I’ll be hoping
it’ll magically happen.
There’s a whole other side of manifesting that we need to embrace. And that is
action. We’ve got to put action behind the things we want to happen. The things we
want to manifest, we got to put our money where our mouth is, right?
And that leads me to momentum builder number two: once you’ve nailed down that
goal or big dream you want to achieve, I want you to take action. Just one, teeny-tiny
small action towards it. One tiny step. That’s all I’m asking you to do to start building
the momentum you need to achieve that dream. And then I want you to hit reply to
the email that I’m sending to you this week. And I want you to share your ideas with
And then momentum builder number three: I want to see you in my Facebook
group. There’s an action you can take that is simple to do and super easy. Far too
often, we feel just completely lost in the crowd when it comes to figuring out what
we need to do or what we can do to make our goals really come true. So let’s shine
some light on it.
Let’s figure out some action steps together that you can take so that you can achieve
the things you want. I cannot tell you how important it is to have a strong, supportive
community of other ambitious women behind you, especially when it comes to
manifesting and achieving your goals. And if you don’t have a community lifting you
up right now, you need to head to mine at Tanyadalton.com/group.
Because this idea of not only thinking or praying about what we want to accomplish
but actually taking the steps, putting action into those things, that’s when we know
our dreams are possible. And that right there is when you know you’ve got the
Intentional Advantage.


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