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February 2, 2021   |   Episode #:

210: How to Manifest The Success You Want

In This Episode:

Do you know how to manifest the personal and business success that you desire? It might sound a little woo-woo, but here’s the thing: manifestation works! In this episode, you’ll learn all about how to manifest the personal and professional success you want in 3 easy steps, plus my tips and tricks for dealing with the phenomenon known as the Frequency Illusion so that it doesn’t get in your way.

Show Transcript:

The Big Idea

Manifesting isn’t what you think.

Questions I Answer

  • Is manifesting real?
  • How does manifesting really work?
  • What’s the science behind manifesting?
  • How is manifesting related to productivity?

Actions to Take

  • Use the 3 steps to manifest anything today.

Key Topics in the Show

  • How to manifest successfully

  • How manifestation relates to the Universal Laws

  • The Frequency Illusion – what it is and where it comes from

  • The 3 steps to manifest anything
Show Transcript

This is The Intentional Advantage podcast with your host, Tanya Dalton,
entrepreneur, best-selling author, nationally recognized productivity expert and
mom of two. In this season, Tanya is continuing to open up more conscious
conversations to help you awaken to who you are and become the best version of
yourself. Welcome to Season 17: Awakening. Are you ready? Here’s your host, Tanya
Hello, hello, everyone. Welcome to The Intentional Advantage podcast. I’m your host,
Tanya Dalton. This is episode 210. It’s the second episode of our brand new season,
season 17, on awakening. And last week we kicked off by talking about the universal
laws and how to really make them work for us. We’ll be incorporating a lot of those
laws throughout this season,
as we’re talking about what that looks like to take those conscious conversations
even further and starting to really awaken into who we want to be awakening in our
own lives. This is going to be a really fun season. You know, last week we dipped our
toes a little bit into that concept of manifestation. You probably noticed that in last
week’s momentum builders, and that’s one of the things that I wanted to dive into
I felt like that was the next natural step when we’re talking about awakening,
because I feel like manifesting and how to manifest are these things that have
become these buzz words on the internet and social media. But what does that
actually mean? How many of us actually know what it means to successfully
manifest something in our lives? And I want to go ahead and admit,
I’m going to be really honest and say, I only used to roll my eyes at this idea or
concept of manifesting. It was seriously. Woo, woo. And no possible way. It was true.
And here’s the deal. I think what the problem was is I was totally buying into that
hype that some of these influencers are passing along as manifesting because here’s
the truth.
There’s a lot more to manifesting happiness and success in life. Then what people
tell you in those quick stories and posts on social media? So I thought it was woo,
but I thought, you know what? I’m going to look into this. So I took some time and I

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really started diving into the concept and the idea looking into manifesting and
tying it in with the universal laws.
And when I did that, it made so much sense. Think about the law of vibration and
the law of attraction, two laws that we talked about last week, if these laws are true
and we know they are then manifesting by design should be true as well. So I
decided to test it. Now, this was back when I was dreaming of an author,
I had decided I would submit a book proposal. So I thought, you know what I’m
going to do. I’m going to go ahead. And I’m going to manifest an insane amount
that I’m going to get for my book advance. Now at the time, I had never published a
book. I hadn’t even self-published. I had not published anything. So normally a brand
spanking new author like me might get a really small advance,
a small amount, or honestly, it’s never surprising for a brand new author to get no
advance, but here’s what I did. I decided I was going to manifest a really high
six-figure amount in my head, not a low six-figure, like a high six-figure amount. I
decided that’s what I’ll do. I’m going to manifest that because this is a really high
And in fact, when I told John, this is what I wanted to manifest, he was like, you’re
crazy. And maybe he’s right. But I like to think that John loves me because I’m a little
bit crazy. So what I did was I focused on that really high number. I wrote it down. I
imagined myself as a published author who got an insanely high advance.
I thought about what that would feel like I thought about what I would do to
celebrate. I decided what I was going to do with my advance. And guess what, when
my proposal was sent out for my first two books, so The Joy of Missing Out, and then
the new book that’s coming out this October. So those two books, I had seven
publishing houses fighting over it. Seven.
I was a brand new author, went to auction, and you’ll never guess how much I got
from my advance: exactly to the dollar amount that I had manifested. Exactly. That
amount was my advance. True story. So Yeah, you could say I’m a pretty full believer
manifesting works when it’s done in the right way. It absolutely can come true. And
the good news is we’re going to dig into the ins and outs of manifesting and all
those great things that you want in life here on the show today,
we’re going to dive into what it truly means to manifest and open ourselves up to
what I like to call success in terms of that lucrative life that we really want. And then
we’re going to talk about what I think is one of the biggest fallacies that we run into
when we think of manifesting and my tips on how we can actually use that to our
advantage, which is quite frankly, a lot easier to implement than you think.

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Alright, sound good? Let’s get started. All right. So what does it mean to manifest
something? You know, we think about that word in a movie-like sort of way. I think,
you know, in the movies we hear manifest and we think there’s some sort of magic
happening and there’s some sort of magic wand and poof everything we desire or
wish for falls into our lap.
Here’s the thing though. Life really doesn’t work that way. Wouldn’t it be nice if it did,
but real life doesn’t work that way. And the same is true for manifesting. So I want to
say this clearly so that you fully take this in wishing is not manifesting. They are not
the same things. You cannot just say something out loud one time,
and then just expect the universe to deliver. I mean, if that were true, I’d be staying
my grocery list out loud. So I didn’t have to go to the store. We can’t just wish upon a
star and think it will come true. That’s not manifesting to manifest anything means
that first, you need to see it in your mind before we can manifest what we want.
We first need to harness and use our imagination. So in other words, manifesting
first happens at an internal level. It begins with what and how we think and how we
envision our lives unfolding. If you want to achieve success in your business or
become a better person or both, then first you have to see yourself in that light. You
need to think about what might the most successful version of yourself look like?
What might she think? How would she best utilize her time, her focus and her
energy? What might her priorities be? And how does she make time for those? We
need to embody the person that we want to be, who has this amazing thing that
you’re wanting to manifest. We need to think like her and we need to act like her.
That is how you become her. And here’s the thing. Visualization is really key here.
This is the first step to really achieving that lucrative life. But here’s the thing far too
often. We assume that that’s it. That’s what manifesting is. You think about it. You
imagine your mind and you’re done. You know, we think of like a Yogi sitting
cross-legged in deep meditation and we latch onto this idea that that’s what it takes
meditating and hard thinking is enough to get success and happiness and that’s,
what’s going to make it happen. And if we’re really being honest here, maybe you’ve
experienced a little bit of this yourself and that you think I thought about things and
suddenly they start appearing. And I know what you’re talking about here, because
really this is this idea of frequency illusion. So frequency illusion is one of the traps
that we fall into when it comes to manifesting.
So let me give you an example of frequency illusion in my own life. Okay, let’s do this
when I was pregnant and I was struggling trying to get Kate here, couldn’t get
pregnant, couldn’t get pregnant. I was dealing with a thousand different doctor’s
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appointments, countless needle, pokes, blood draws, the whole nine yards. We were
going through the full battery of tests and procedures,
all kinds of infertility activities you could say. And when I looked around, every body
was pregnant. Everyone, everyone on the street, people that I, the celebrities on
magazine covers, it was everywhere. I looked, I felt like I was surrounded by these big
bellied women that I was so desperate to be myself. And so what happens is we start
to really see what we’re wishing for or what we’re wanting.
This is frequency illusion, and this, this phenomenon, when we run into things that
we’ve noticed or that we’ve experienced, or that we’ve been thinking about, and they
suddenly start showing up again. And again and again. So an example of when this
might have happened in your own life. Let’s say you’re interested; you see a new red
shiny convertible on a commercial.
And if that’s your thing, you’re excited about that. Or maybe you hear a song written,
you know, decades ago and we haven’t heard it in forever and it comes on the radio
or it pops up on Spotify. And then for some reason, we keep seeing that shiny red
convertible from the commercials everywhere or that old song that we swear,
never plays on the radio suddenly is playing all the time. Here’s the truth. Frequency
illusion is just your brain filtering differently. Our brain is inundated with data every
second of the day, it is constantly filtering. But when something triggers your brain
that triggers you, that you really like, or that like in my case with the pregnancy, you
don’t like it stops filtering for that thing.
And it starts bringing that to the forefront of your mind. This is why frequency
illusion can be a little bit deceptive, especially when it comes to manifesting.
Because even though it’s true, you’re seeing and hearing these things more. The
only reason for it is that you’re noticing it more, those things were always there. It’s
just your brain is allowing you to notice them more.
It’s not this, you know, amazing cosmic event that’s happening. It’s not the same as
manifesting. And so I want to make sure that’s clear because I don’t want you to
confuse the two. And that’s the mistake. A lot of people make. They think that if they
think about it and suddenly they start seeing more of whatever it is, they’re thinking
about appearing in their lives that they’re actually doing the manifesting.
There’s a little bit more to it than that. Just thinking about it and doing nothing else
to put those thoughts into action. Doesn’t mean you’re actually manifesting. You’re
not actually going to successfully manifest anything to manifest. You need to do
more than just think about what you want. As it turns out there’s a little more to
manifesting than what we’ve been led to believe by a lot of these social media
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influencers and those types of people who spout out and talk about manifesting in
these ways.
Here’s the truth. We need action. We need to put thoughts into motion and move
forward on making this thing that we want to manifest. And that’s actually where
frequency illusion can help us. So it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just something
it’s a trap that we can fall into that we can falsely believe that we’re starting to get
the manifesting happening,
but here’s the truth. We can use that to our advantage because our brain starts
bringing things to the forefront of our mind, connected to the things that we’re
really wanting. You’re going to start noticing more opportunities connected to
whatever it is you’re looking for, whatever it is you’re wanting to manifest more
chances to take action. Your brain will start bringing forth, all sorts of things that you
didn’t notice before.
Maybe that new class at the community college, that’s going to be exactly what you
need to help you market your product better or the right collaborator or freelancer
pops up on your LinkedIn feed, who feels exactly that role you need. So here’s the
thing that, that frequency illusion will allow you to see more of these opportunities
that are connected, that then allow you to take action.
So for me, with the book proposal, I started to see things or I would catch snippets of
TV shows that happened to be talking about something I wanted to cover in my
book. And that allowed me to dive deeper into some of my research. And I started
suddenly connecting with other authors. I wasn’t even realizing I was doing that, but
here’s the thing.
All these things are coming forward, right? All these opportunities start to appear.
We have to pay attention when we start manifesting because the opportunities will
appear before the actual manifesting happens. It’s all part of how it works. So it’s
really important that we don’t just think about what we want. It’s that second half of
really seeing those opportunities and taking advantage and taking action of them.
Okay. And that’s what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the steps to truly
manifest something in your life to help you feel more successful. I want to get into
those steps in just a minute, but first I want to take a quick mid episode Break. I have
a quick question for you. Have you signed up to join my Facebook group if you’re not
already there?
And if you’re a business owner looking to scale up this year and you want to manifest
an amazing life for yourself, then you need to sign up for my Facebook group, go to
Tonya dalton.com/group. If there’s one thing I know it’s having a supportive, strong
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community full of other ambitious, amazing women, like you really is crucial to both
manifesting and achieving the success you want in business and in your personal
So here’s the thing we just talked a moment ago about how important it is to really
pay attention to the opportunities that start appearing to you. Maybe this is one of
those opportunities. Maybe this is your opportunity to take action. So you can
actually start making those things you dream about manifest and appear in your life.
So head to Tonya dalton.com/group, I would love for you to submit a request to join.
If you haven’t already get in the group, get active. It’s an amazing place. I would love.
Love, love to see you there. All right, Want to get back to this idea of manifesting and
how you can truly start to manifest all the success and all the wonderful things that
you want in your life. Here’s the truth. Manifesting gets this sort of woo woo
because, well, let’s be real. It kind of sounds a little out of this world, right? It sounds
like it’s, again, this magical thing that just happens. So it should be easy. It’s magic
and magic is simple. I mean, that’s part of the appeal for those of us who don’t
Moonlight as magicians on the weekend. Magic seems so insanely simple to receive,
and it feels a fun and good to watch as it unfolds in front of you. But it’s actually hard
to execute. You have to practice, you have to work at it. It’s not that easy. And that is
truly the great thing about manifesting something. There’s no magic trick involved.
There’s no magic. It’s all about taking three steps to make it happen.
And I want to share with you these three, honestly, fairly easy steps that just require
you having the intention to do it. All right. Step one is visualize, you know, back in
season 15. Yeah, I think that’s right. And season 15, we talked about the importance of
defining what success looks like and what that feels like to ourselves on a truly
individual level.
This same idea applies here. When we’re looking to manifest something in our lives,
what does success look like to you? What does happiness look like when you think
about your future? What are some of the things that you see in the successful
version of yourself? What is it you want to become? I want you to close your eyes
and I want you to visualize these things in your mind and just allow your mind to
wander as you consider these questions and what your lucrative life might look like.
Yours. Not someone else’s start to really visualize that. Now here’s the thing. I’m
going to be honest here. I struggle sometimes when I say things like visualize
because for a lot of people, visualizing is easy. They can close their eyes, they can

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picture it in their heads. And it’s like, okay, I understand what the visualizing is, but
for a good chunk of people,
decent-sized chunk. And this includes me to be honest with you. I don’t visualize, I
don’t see things in my head when I close my eyes, I need to visualize, I don’t actually
see it. I sense it. Or I feel it, or I can get a sensation. Like if you asked me to see the
beach, I don’t see waves.
I don’t see them, but I know they are there. And so I get a feeling of being at the
beach. I can sense what the air feels like. I can sense the sounds of the ocean, but I
don’t physically see it. And I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to get
tripped up with that word. Visualizing if picturing something in your mind is difficult.
It’s okay. There are all kinds of ways we can visualize. And part of that is not all
visualization has to be with your eyes. Visualization is a confusing word because ‘to
visualize’ sounds like it has to be with your eyes, but it’s okay if it’s you closing your
eyes and just sensing or imagining what that feels like without actually seeing it.
What I want you to remember is this there’s no right or wrong way to see your
Just see it the way that works best for you. And that’s really step one is really taking a
moment to step back from your present day life and imagining what that future life
looks like and what it is you want and what kinds of activities you’re doing and what
kinds of ways you’re thinking, really getting into that. That’s the main part of step
number one.
Okay. All right. Step number two. Ask for what you want. Put some thinking behind
the things that you want to manifest and clearly ask for what you want. So in other
words, be clear about your goals. Be clear about where it is. You’re wanting to go,
right where you want down and then map out an action plan that brings you closer,
small step by small step, by teeny tiny step to just achieving those things. We need
to receive those things so that we can achieve those things. So I want you to write it
down and, really, action is the biggest key to manifesting. You know, have you ever
heard that recipe of thinking plus acting equals becoming, if you want to become
what you desire,
you need to choose to think, and then you need to choose to act. We need both of
them thinking and acting together is how you become that person that you desire
to be. But here’s the thing we got to put that action steps behind them. We have to
really think about what does that look like? What does that acting look like? We
have the thinking down now,

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what are those action steps we need to take to become the person or to achieve that
life we truly want, which brings me to step three, which is going to be a no-brainer at
this point. Take action. This is the important thing to keep in mind, knowing what
you want is only half the battle. Why, especially when it comes to manifesting things
in your life,
the truth is you won’t see any results without action. So that action plan we talked
about in step two, where you just thought about what are some loose steps you
need to do. Look at that action plan, and then give yourself permission to start, give
yourself permission to begin take action, because that’s really, what’s going to allow
the manifesting to happen.
So let’s go back to that example of when manifesting really works well for me and
my book proposal, when it was time for me to create a book proposal, I knew that
one of my action steps needed to be that I wanted to make my proposal dynamic. I
wanted it to stand out. And the truth is I turned in a proposal that was different than
98% of the proposals that were hitting those editors desks.
I knew they were getting a lot of pitches and a lot of proposals. And I knew I needed
mine to stand out in that busy stack. And the truth is I know that mine stood out
because they all told me, they all told me that it drew their attention, which is exactly
what I wanted. I wanted to create a proposal that would draw attention,
but then I also needed it to deliver it. Wasn’t enough to have a pretty proposal. I
needed to have some really good chapters written in there. So I put in extra time and
effort into my writing. I created pockets of time to focus on my sample chapters that
would be included with that proposal. I got feedback. I made several rounds of edits
before I even considered submitting the proposal.
I didn’t phone in anything, not one thing. I really took my time and made sure I
turned in something incredible. And I can tell you, it paid off in a nice insanely large
checks that I thought was maybe too big to dream of getting in the first place, which
makes me really happy that I didn’t let that damn inner critic in my head win that
And I choose to override her and go for it. So no matter what the steps are in your
action plan that you listed out. The big takeaway here is this action is key. It’s when
you start stepping into this truth and embracing yourself as an action taker, that
you’ll allow yourself to expand into the positive growth into the success and into the
happiness that you truly do deserve.
We need action to make it happen. So speaking of action, let’s put some serious
action behind our manifestations. I’ve got a couple of momentum builders to get
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you started. All right, momentum builder number one: If you want to manifest
something, do the three steps we just walked through. They’re really simple, those
three steps. Let me remind you what they are.
Step one is to visualize. Step two, ask clearly for what you want. And then step three,
take action. Give yourself, let’s say 10 minutes. Set a timer for 10 minutes and do
those three things. Honestly, if you can’t give your dream 10 minutes today, then it’s
not really your dream. It’s really not. If it is your dream, then make an investment in
you. Okay? 10 minutes to do those three steps. Visualize, ask clearly, take action.
All right. Momentum builder number two. I want you to hit reply to the email you
get from me this week. And I want you to answer this question: What’s the one thing
you can do to start putting action behind the things you want to manifest in your
Simply hit reply to that email that you’re getting from me and let me know what you
come up with. Just one thing, that’s it. Now, if you don’t get my emails, just go to
Tanyadalton.com/email. I send one or two every week with extra resources or
information. Sometimes I shoot an extra video just for my email list. So if you’re not
on that list, go to Tanyadalton.com/email, and you’re always welcome to hit reply to
any of those emails I send and ask me questions or give me your thoughts. I
absolutely love hearing from you guys.
All right. Last momentum builder, momentum builder number three: whatever
actionable step you came up with in momentum builder number two, I want to
challenge you to put your money where your mouth is. Let’s say and do exactly that
thing, whatever it may be. If it’s for your business, maybe it means you’ll finally take
the leap and sign up for that course that you’ve been eyeing for a couple of months,
that you never felt like you could quite pull the trigger on or, you know, maybe it’s
submitting to my Facebook group so you can finally find a supportive community of
women you want to have around you and that can offer you guidance along the
Whatever it is, I want you to go all-in on you. I want you to believe in your own
success and then choose to start, give yourself permission to put action into it, to
build real momentum behind the things that you want to manifest. And simply start
after all it’s when you have the courage to say yes to yourself and to your big
audacious, amazing goals and dreams, that is when you open yourself up to true
success and the truly lucrative life that you want. And that is when you know, you’ve
got the intentional advantage.