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May 24, 2022   |   Episode #:

264: Trusting Yourself

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We hear that word intuition and we think it’s woo woo, but the truth is: we all have intuition. We all have the ability to tap into our own deep inner knowing and choose to trust ourselves instead of looking for validation externally. Many people dismiss that quiet voice in their heads and dismiss it because it’s not “logical” even though we hear successful leaders and CEOs talk about gut feelings or trusting their instincts.

In today’s episode Tanya brings in Emily Aarons to co-host the show and discuss how we can tap into our intuition with more confidence and ease.

Show Transcript:

The Big Idea

Are you listening to your “quiet” voice?

Questions I Answer

  • What exactly  is your intuition?
  • How can I learn to trust my instincts?
  • How can I break through limiting beliefs?
  • Why is it hard to listen to your gut?

Actions to Take

  • On the show Tanya talked about how she uses meditative journaling to help break through limiting beliefs, try giving yourself some open time to just let your mind wander and write down what comes through.
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Key Moments in the Show

[5:20] Seeing the ‘higher self’ in others

[6:45] We are all energy

[7:50] Why don’t we listen to our inner knowing?

[12:05] Your ego is a total jerk

[15:10] Where is your hook?

[19:10] Are you functioning in fear?

[23:00] The notes I write to myself

[25:10] I need to break stuff

[28:19] You have my permission to get mad

[32:40] What are your non-negotiables?

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Show Transcript

Extraordinary is a choice. Take that in, soak it up because of the hustle grind, repeat mantra that society has been touting for decades. It had it all wrong. I’m Tanya Dalton. I’m a seven figure entrepreneur bestselling author speaker, mom, and rule-breaker I’m here to help you live to your fullest potential. That’s what this podcast is all about. The Intentional Advantage is doing live on our own terms.

Define the status quo and seeing ourselves outside of the tidy definition. Society’s name for us. It’s intentionally choosing to step back away from the chaotic rush of your every day and choosing, choosing to see that it’s your world. And it’s filled with opportunities. Let’s challenge the bedrock beliefs that so many have wholeheartedly trusted because we were told they were truths. Let’s have a healthy disregard for the impossible.

Let’s choose to be extraordinary. Hello? Hello everyone. And welcome to the Intentional Advantage podcast. I’m your host, Tanya Dalton. This is episode 264. Oh my gosh. We have been having some amazing conversations about reclaiming your power this season. And I have to say, I am loving the emails and the messages and the notes I’m getting from you guys about where we’re going with this season.

We’re going totally new places, which, which I have loved. So I wanted to do something a little bit different today. I’m testing out kind of a new format. I’m getting out of my own regular comfort zone and we’re gonna do something different today. Instead of it just being me. I actually have a cohost today. I have my friend Emily errands here with me.

Emily, you want to say, hi, I everybody, I feel like I’m surprised everybody I’m here. You are. It’s a surprise because normally John and I do a show together probably once a season, but I’ve never brought someone on to just cohost. And here was my thinking. To be honest with you, you know, in reading y’all’s emails and reading the messages from you guys,

you’re loving what we’re talking about, but you’re like, I just need, I need a little help crossing that line, like trusting yourself. And I was like, we have got to do a show where we talk about getting back in touch with who we are trusting ourselves, because re you can’t reclaim your power. If you don’t trust yourself, we’ve been talking about pleasure.

We’ve been talking about sex. Even we’re talking about money this season and the coming episodes. We can’t talk about our power unless we really get in touch with who we are. And Emily and I have some epic conversations on a pretty regular basis. And we’re always like, we should just record this. This is the podcast episode. It’s was like, you know what?

I boxed heard Emily. And I was like, we’re doing it. We’re actually going to have a conversation that we just record because I think people need to hear this. Right. Don’t you agree about trusting yourself? Yeah. I mean, I think that’s, it becomes such a big issue. Like I need to take a course on how to trust myself,

but it’s really in the littlest things that we need to start listening to our higher self and our intuition on the littlest things, they start to make a big difference. And then the little things add up and then you get those mind-blowing hits and you’re like, oh my gosh, I have full body chills. And now you can see these synchronicities, but it’s,

it’s what, the little things that we have to just start trusting ourselves. And you know, it turns out Tanya and I found out that Voxer only has 15 minutes. So we need a little chat to get it. Cause it’s like a little Ted talk. We give each other, these Ted talks and another thing. So now we have a little bit more space to breathe.

It feels good to be here. It’s true. Voxer has a 15 minute limit and Emily and I have blown through that on numerous occasions because we do, it’s like a little Ted talk. We, we pump each other up. We remind each other to trust ourselves. So let me back up just, just a hair here. Cause people might be like,

well, wait a minute. Who is this person what’s going on here? Why Is she here? I’ll tell you this. What is this lady doing? Coming onto the podcast who is shaped well, here’s the thing is I would have to say, and I can’t even talk because I’m so excited in my book on purpose. I even did like a little note in the dedication specifically for Emily,

because I think Emily is the person who’s truly responsible for helping me trust myself, really reconnecting with who I am. So Emily, do you want to give just a quick, just a really short, quick intro to who you are. Yes. And thank you for that. Am I have all the fields? We just kind of sit in that. Thank you.

I receive that. I’m working on that pro tip work on saying thank you. I receive that when people give you a compliment. So, so I’ve been doing energy healing for over 22 years and I’ve used to be in the brick and mortar. I then brought myself online in the last five years and I work solely with female entrepreneurs who are here to run empires and grow in enormous ways and impact the lives of millions of people.

And what I find in my work is that truly people are here doing amazing things, but there’s sometimes they’re just blocked. There’s these things that are going on their energy field, that they don’t even know that are there, that are harming them and blocking them from the greatness that they really could be achieving. And one of my special super powers is seeing the higher self of others and in myself truly.

But when I see the higher self and others, it allows me to help people to tap into that and to align to that and to make decisions based on that higher self and to start trusting in their higher self. So that’s really what I’m here to do is help real visionaries to stop all the BS that’s in their mind to stop. What’s been stopping them,

clear that out of their system so they can really deliver and serve at their highest level feeling fabulous. And I love being able to be in a space with other women who are making such a big impact and being able to be like a fly on the wall in their vision and connecting with that higher self. So I’ve been doing energy healing for a long time and I work with entrepreneurs and I’m really excited to be able to share more of that in the world,

especially with your listeners. Yeah, I am chew because energy is not something we’ve talked about. It’s something I definitely tap into and I use a lot. So I’m going to back up just for a second, because I know we’re going to have some people who are like add, it feels very woo woo, right? Or feels like, what are we talking about here?

Cause the truth is we all have energy. This is not something that’s for in any kind of Eden scientific debate scientists acknowledge. We are made of energy. There is no solids. We can thank Einstein for a lot of these findings, but nothing in this world is solid. Everything is made up of atoms and atoms are made up of energy. So we all have energy within us.

Right. And I think it’s really important because you know, when people talk to me about this idea of aligning with your higher self and tapping into your intuition and those kinds of things, they get a little, maybe freaked out or they’re like, ah, I don’t know what that is. And I always tell people what tells birds to fly south for the winter.

I mean, they don’t have Google. They don’t have, you know, coaches. They just, they just know what tells fish to swim in a school together and turn together what tells animals like a turtle to when it hatches to go straight into the ocean. That is intuition that is tapping into our inner knowing and our inner knowledge. And when we start to look at it that way,

it’s like, oh, okay, this does make sense. Right? We have this inner knowing as humans, we have kind of distanced ourselves from this inner knowing because of all the things going on in our world. And we’re just not as tapped in. We’re not living in nature in Cades anymore, which is really a good thing. We can all agree.

But that’s the thing is we’ve kind of separated from some of that. And so we can think of tapping into right. Intuition is like, oh, does this mean that I’m like a psychic? And I have to like look at a crystal ball and it doesn’t mean any of that. It really is just tapping into who you are deep inside. That’s what we mean by higher self or highest selves.

Do you want to talk a little bit about that? This idea. Yeah, I, I do. Yeah. And so a lot of people do think that they have to learn how to use their intuition or that they weren’t born with intuition. And that is total BS. We were all born with intuition. We can all sense. When we walk into a room,

if someone had just had an argument, we can sense within the first three seconds of walking into a room. And so we all have these sensors, but we’ve been programmed and taught not to listen to them, not to trust them or to go into our logical left brain to think of the real facts and stats are right. Brain is really what experiences life first.

And so it’s not that we have to, you know, call ourselves a psychic. But what we have to do is start listening to those little subtle whispers in our mind. And for those of you who are moms listening to this podcast, we’ve all had those days where we’re about to leave the house with the new baby. And then something little whispers inside us that says,

bring an extra change of clothes. So we have that choice right in that moment to go, okay, I’ll grab a change of clothes or we go logic. Left-brain why would I bring a change of clothes? I’m only running down the street, I’ll be right back. There’s no logical reason for me to do this calculation say no. And so we leave the house maybe without the extra change of clothes.

And our baby has a blow out up. The backer is what I used to call it a back up. And you know, I remember those and you’re just like, you’re kicking yourself, right? You regret not listening because you know it, you knew in your instincts, in your intuition that something said, you gotta do something before you go out of the house and you chose not to listen to it.

And so what I’m offering and inviting everybody to do basically from this day forward, if you want to get crazy is when you have those little whispers to understand, okay, well, what’s the harm. If I just bring an extra change of clothes, it’s going to take me 10 extra seconds to go grab a thing and leave the house. Okay. So what if I just listened to an entertain,

that positive kind, loving thoughts. That’s all I have to do to start trusting in those little instincts that then lead me to go, okay, now I’m having this, blow it. And I go, ha ha. I knew it. I knew it. Change of clothes. I am the best mom ever. And I am winning at life today because when you have those moments are so affirming.

And so it’s kind of like when you start to listen to those, you know, you get those little crumbs and you start to get little bigger crumbs and then you get bigger crumbs. And the way I look at our intuition too, is like, you know, you’ve, we’ve all had those friends that have ran a terrible relationship and they just come to you complaining all the time.

And what do you do as a good friend? You give them advice and here’s what you could do. And here’s what you could say, but they keep doing the same thing and they’re not listening to you. And so after a while, it just wears you down. And you’re like, I got to take a break from this friend because I just can’t with them.

Cannot do another counseling session for this friend. I love them. But no, no, we all know Boundaries, boundaries. And so basically that’s what your intuition, your higher self or your spirits and whatever you want to call it is doing. When they’re dropping these little wisdom bombs on you, these little, get the, get the change of clothes,

make sure you do this. Make sure you grab the umbrella. When they’re dropping these little nuggets We’re out today, make the chart, right? Like little tiny Reach out to your friend. You haven’t talked to in 10 years. Oh, did you call and do this such and such? It’s like these little whispers. It’s like your little spirit team is like,

Hey, how about the, what? The more that you listen, the more that they give you versus if you’re not listening. And you’re kind of like doing the big X and you’re not listening, I’m not listening. What do you think they’re going to do that? They’re going to do exactly what we do and go, not, I don’t have time for this,

Right? I’m not doing this anymore. And I think here’s the important thing for us to talk about here too, is it’s the positive kind thoughts, not the jerk in your head. We all have the jerk in our head. That’s our ego that likes to tell us that we are doing the wrong thing or we’re the worst ever or a good mom does this or a great business owner does these things and we’re not doing it right.

That’s a whole different voice. This is the quiet voice. And you use the word whispers because it is whispers. It’s quietly paying attention. It is. And it takes the joy of missing out. Let’s be honest, quick little plug there for my book. Don’t forget to go pick up a copy. It’s a great one. You should definitely read it.

I highly recommend it. Five stars. This is the thing is in the busy-ness of our lives. We were not listening to those quiet whispers. And the other thing is that I feel like you just touched on there. Emily was this idea of your body is telling you this, right? And in the last couple of episodes with Dr. Valerie, with Dr.

Sonia, we talked about this idea of being in your body, getting out of your mind, we spend a lot of time in our brain, which is our logic side of us, right? The side that says, oh, why would you need to go bring the extra change of clothes or whatever it is. You can’t do these things because you’ve never done them before choosing instead to listen and being in your body,

noticing the twinges, even like when the hair stand up on the back of your neck and you’re like, somebody is looking at me and you turn around your body is telling you it is tapping in to who you are it. And that’s what I, I can’t stress enough. It really is about tapping into this highest level of who you are. That’s what that quiet voices,

right? Yeah. And that’s also why we have to get quiet to hear it. And for it to start speaking louder, we have to start listening and trusting and taking those notes. And I also wanted to give you a little plug because you are one of those people in my life that you have such incredible senses and your body has so much wisdom.

And you know, you have different areas in your physical body. Be it your hands that get hot or your solar plexus that starts to scream at you. It’s like, you know, like, you know, and it’s like, Ooh, there’s something coming in. And for listeners, you know, I know you don’t talk a lot about it on the podcast,

around your sensitivity, but it’s something that you have honed in on so much in the last few years and been able to really cultivate and start trusting. And, you know, I think, I mean, I would guess it’s probably a guided you to start making those big decisions, like getting off of social media and taking big leaps that are like, oh my gosh,

logically, this makes no sense. But in my body, there’s something that’s stronger. That’s calling me somewhere else. And you know, you’re here to serve as such a huge level. So you have to listen to that. Well, thank you for saying that I’m also working on receiving compliments, just like you, but I think that’s, that’s the thing is,

you know, let’s say two years ago, I wouldn’t have paid attention to any of that. I wouldn’t have recognized it. And it was stopping and realizing, oh, when I feel this way, like, I like to tell people that, you know, I know I’m aligned or I’m making a good decision because for me it feels like a hook in my stomach and it feels like it’s pulling me forward.

It’s like the tiniest thing. And I’ve had it forever my whole life. And I never stopped and realized it until I slowed down and I paid attention. I did. So I worked on meditating, which is something we’ve talked about here on the show in the past, quieting things down and going a little bit slower. But I know when I’m aligned because my body reacts in a certain way and everyone’s body is different.

And now that I know it, I can pay attention to it more again, you might be thinking to yourself, that’s crazy. You get this feeling and you’re just going to do it. Yeah. This is why ducks fly south for the winter. Yes. This is why animals no bears, no. To go into the den in the winter, right.

This is how they’re able to do these things because they’re paying attention to what their body is telling them and it’s stopping and recognizing it and allowing that voice to come through. Yeah. And I was just going to say, when it comes to our physiology, we, we sometimes believe, you know, energy is so blue. It’s so out there, but our energetic field and specifically our seven chakra is that we all,

we all can see those little perfect little Buddha charts with the rainbows going up and down the front of their body. Well, those seven chakras are exactly specifically in alignment with our seven endocrine glands as well. So it’s our energetic body is literally in the exact same location. So it’s like, this is not like, it’s not, It’s not like a theory.

Yeah. It is literally there. And so we can get these blocks in our energy field. We can have these feelings and sensations, like you have it in your stomach, like, well, of course you have in your stomach, that’s where you want to trust your gut. Right. So your<inaudible>, it’s all happening. And the reason we say that,

Right. And if you’re listening and you’re like, oh, that’s what that poll has been. Got it. So I know if I’m not getting that, I maybe need to sit with it or tweak it a little bit until I get that heck yes. Full body gut polling. Yes. For me, I think this is the thing, and I cannot stress this enough.

This is not like theory or things that were just like, oh, we feel like this is the seven chakras and the endocrine and all of that is scientifically proven that those are there. And those are energy centers within us. They call them different things in the Western world and they call them, you know, in the spiritual world. But they’re essentially the same.

As I said earlier, we all know that everything has energy. Everything does. Yeah. So it only makes sense that you have energy. And when you get that feeling, you get that hit from somebody that you’re like, Ooh, I don’t know about this person. Right? Yeah. That’s why you need to listen to it. Same thing. First time I met Emily,

I met Emily. I met you January of 2020 right before the whole world shutdown. Right. I met you. And I immediately was like, I need to know this person. Or I felt like I knew you, or there was this deeper connection. And we just connected immediately. That means something. And I think it’s really paying attention to that.

Right. It Really is. Yeah. And I think for my side of it, remember I reached out to you and I was like, I don’t know if you remember me because I developed that connection too. I was like, my name is Emily and I don’t want to frighten you, but we met that one time back there. And it was kind of funny that,

you know, you’re like, how could, of course I remember you when you had this impact on me, but you know, if I was not listening to my higher self and my instincts, I would have been like, Tanya wrote that, you know, that book and she’s this big deal. And I don’t know if she’ll even know who I am.

I don’t know. And I would probably be this negative Nancys self talking myself out of re making that connection with you because I would be in that self-doubt and that fear mode. And if you are always functioning in fear and self doubt, you’re really not living up to your purpose and your potential. Yes. Dr. Mike. Yes. Yes. Yeah.

I mean, this is the thing is we met, I was speaking at an event and you were speaking at the event as well. And I don’t always, like a lot of times I go to events, I’m speaking. It doesn’t mean that I necessarily connect to the other speakers. Like, oh, we get along. It’s nice. I don’t necessarily watch the time I was on social media.

And I started following you, which I don’t normally do. And so the fact that you reached out to me and you didn’t tap down and go, wow, I don’t know. She did this big talk and all this rain that could’ve been very easily done and we wouldn’t be here today. And Emily is one of the most influential people in my life.

Like, I feel like we Voxer, we boxed her almost daily, if not like several times a week minimum, for sure, for sure. And we’ve had a big impact on each other’s lives in such an incredible way. And we would have missed that if we hadn’t tapped into that, that feeling. I truly believe that it’s so powerful because when we,

when we start to understand who we are and we start to trust ourselves, it’s so much easier to move forward in the world. How can we move forward in the world? If we don’t trust the person we need to trust the most ourselves. Right. I think, I think it’s really, yeah. I mean, this, I was going to agree with you because I honestly don’t think that trusting your intuition and tapping into your true self,

that inner voice is that big of a booboo concept anymore. I feel like it’s becoming more mainstream because as people like, like Dave Asprey who are talking about biohacking and optimizing health and wellbeing, they’re in the mainstream media constantly talking about optimization. Well, wouldn’t optimization also include getting to know this vessel that you just are renting for a little bit. I mean,

the skin suit that we’re borrowing while we’re here, we should maybe take a look at it and maybe Could I be, we should see how it works. Yeah. What a concept. Right? And so like, if we think about biohacking, our health, why can’t we biohack our business? Why can’t we biohack our relationships? And that all starts when we look inside of ourselves and start listening and trusting that inner voice and,

and going with it. Yeah. It takes making that first step. It really does that. We have to trust ourselves to really step into the person that you were designed to be. It’s funny because before we hit record, I was telling you that I was like, you know what, stop, we just need to record this. We were going to basically do a whole podcast episode before we even hit record.

Cause that’s how we work. But I, so Emily knows that I have been I’ve liked scrapped all of my old keynotes and I am redoing my keynotes. I wanted to really make them dynamic. I’m doing a lot more speaking and moving forward, doing a lot more events. And I was feeling really frustrated this morning. It was one of those days where I was like,

oh, I’m the worst. I didn’t get anything done. Last week I was sick. My voice is still a little bit, a little bit janky. I was sick last week. I didn’t get things done. I needed to get done. I have these things. And I was just, was really down on myself. And I made a decision this morning.

I was like, I woke up in a bad mood, which is always the worst place to be right. Where you’re just already like tearing yourself down the worst. And I was like, no, we are not going to do this. I am listening to my ego. I’m listening to all the negative naysayers in my head. I need to just tap into my highest self.

I need to tap into who I am. So what I decided to do was I sat down and I just did a couple of deep breaths, right? Like I did a little breathing for, I think like maybe two minutes. And then I pulled out my journal and I just started writing. And I just started writing down the different things that I was thinking,

you know, I wrote down, I’ll read some of it to you. Am I happy? Do, do I, am I doing what I am set out to do? Or do I feel stuck? And then I wrote, there is no stock. There’s just action. Right? Do I like what I’m doing to take action? And then I started writing.

This is what I wrote. Tanya, you are filled with gifts. You are a balloon because you bring joy to others and you create celebration. Think of how people respond after meeting you. You give them a life. That’s powerful. If anything it’s pressure right now, that’s getting to you, you’re playing into perfectionism. Again, it just looks different,

but it’s the same. Don’t overwork. It don’t overthink it. You know, people will change. So stop focusing on the end result. And remember, this is a first round draft. And so that’s just like a little, right. That’s me pep talking myself. But I wasn’t like actively like, Tanya, this is what I need to say.

It was just letting my thoughts go and letting that highest self step in. And I mean, I said things like you’re on the right track. These are just there’s lessons to be learned right now. And you’re sitting in the seats of the student release your frustration, you know, because it only tightens you up and keeps you from receiving being open to receive,

be ready because you don’t know when or where or how, but it’s coming. That’s what I wrote this morning. That’s my, that’s me at my highest level. So how did I feel after doing that? So that, that probably took me, like, I don’t know. I did two minutes of deep breathing and maybe like eight minutes of writing maybe.

And I was like, whole day was changed. The whole day felt different. Yes. It’s so simple. And we don’t often assemble ourselves time. We don’t have everyone says, I don’t have time for that. Well, did you look at your Instagram app and your Facebook app and see how much time you’ve been spending on those? Because I guarantee you spend more than 10 minutes on those and those are not bringing you clarity.

And then I helping you get into alignment. And that’s what that is. It’s saying, you know what? I’m having a junky morning. I’m having bad thoughts. I’m really not setting myself up for success. And in that exact moment, you made a choice. You could choose option a stay down this like rotten day path and just like keep seeing how that plays out.

Just so easy. Oh, It’s way easier actually way easier. You’re like, Hi, kind of wanted to do it. Wanted to do It. Give me all the donuts. I wanted to break a few things. When you go to breaking stuff. I like that worked together. Note to self Tanya will break her stuff. If she’s over, she’s not in a good mood.

I actually have never been. I, I liked the idea of it. Like, you know, those rooms where they have like anger room. I think that could be really cathartic. I really feel like I could get a lot out of that because there are some times you’re just like, I just want to throw something or I just want to smash a plate.

And then the problem would be, I’d be like, oh, now I have to clean it up and take it. I really like that plate. Yeah. Like rage rooms are effective. And there is, I think in Regina Thompson’s book, pussy is saying it’s called not righteous rage, but it’s called stomping. No, I can’t think of what the name is not stomping,

but it’s basically having that moment where you just let out all that rage out of your system and you just go ballistic. And it is righteous. Rage is so effective. And I know there was a critical point in my marriage where I was like, things are not looking great for us. And I was away, actually was leading a retreat and we threw rocks and throwing the rocks that just like crumbled and broke.

It was so satisfying. And you just say all the worst things as you’re throwing. And you’re like, I never said this and I’m going to say another thing. And you know what else I have to say about that? And it is, it’s like, you give yourself permission to just unleash it. And it, it is, it’s very cathartic.

It comes out of her system. You’re like, boom, got a shot of adrenaline. But, but back to having the choice, right, you have a choice to go down with that bad day. What was me like your vibes for you can choose. And this is the hardest part is choosing to do something else. And this is just like,

this is not, this is not spiritual bypassing where we’re like, no good vibes only. We’re just going to think happy thoughts. That’s not at all. But what Tanya do is she sat and she processed what was going on. And her higher self showed up to give her a little, little dope slap and was like, listen, lady, you know what?

You know who you Are. You’re doing just fine. Yes. You’re doing just fine. As a matter of fact, I love you. You Look great today. The need more of that. This is the thing is we need more of that. And you know, sometimes we do need to go out and we need to throw rocks. And sometimes we do want to go and break things or do whatever it is that makes us feel better.

But what’s going to make me feel better in the longterm. Right. That’s that’s part of it. So I absolutely agree. Like I, I sometimes will go outside. You got to get some energy out, right? We say that with our kids, you got to get the energy out. Why did we not say that to ourselves? Like I have this pent up energy.

I have some frustration. I have some anger. It’s okay to have it. Let’s start giving ourselves permission to be mad. You have permission to be frustrated, irritable, angry. You don’t have to be happy all the damn time. It’s okay to feel those things. And it’s okay to do what you need to do to process them and then choose to do something that’s going to then fill you back up.

Because in my opinion, the rage and the anger or the frustration, whatever it is, I need to move it. I need to move it out. Right. And then I need to fill myself back up. And like these pages that I wrote this morning, that’s a perfect example of that. Or it could be going for a walk and just listening to the birds outside my God.

There’s so many birds outside right now. And it’s incredible. I’m such an old lady and that I love listening to them. You know, like things like that. It’s, it’s giving yourself time just to be, to be in your body, to be with your good, quiet thoughts, that highest self. And it is it’s, it’s building a relationship with you.

That is the most important relationship that you can build. It truly is. Yeah. And it helps you to create stronger boundaries in every area of your life. And I know For Me, this becomes the new normal. And if I’m here to serve at this high level and I’m here to deliver this high level of work to my clients, then I need to my energy up to this specific level.

And that means that I can no longer tolerate heavy relationships. I can no longer tolerate being stuck inside all day. I can no longer have, you know, foods that I’m eating that are draining my energy and causing pain or fatigue or inflammation. And so you start to make choices that align you to that higher self and it becomes easy. And so you mentioned moving your body.

I move my body. Every I have to, it’s not UIC So good about this, but he keeps like 20 degrees and Emily, we boxed ring me. She’s like outside, I’m on my walk. I’m wearing, wearing a parka. I’m like props to you. You are so good about getting out into nature and moving your body. You are sorry.

I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but I’m always impressed with, Well, it’s a non-negotiable because it’s not like a half to it’s like, I mean, I’m not gonna not do it. I don’t know how to out. I don’t know how else to articulate that, but unless it’s like, you know, 10 degrees below freezing or something ridiculous below zero,

I did buy myself a treadmill. So I can still exercise on my treadmill and walk every day. And I have a little screen that shows me outdoor. So I feel like I’m kind of outside, but it’s a non-negotiable, it’s how I ground myself. It’s how I start my day, breathing fresh air, moving my body and seeing animals really is also a message from your spirit team.

So let’s say you happen to live in an area where you see wild turkeys like I do, or perhaps, you know, you might start to see red Cardinals every time or see dragonflies or butterflies. And those can sometimes be symbolic for spirit coming to visit you or a past loved one. I know one of my dear friends, whenever she sees a red Cardinal,

it’s a signal, her father is visiting and turns out my husband has the same exact signal for his grandfather. So you kind of start to have a dialogue with plants and animals. And they’re like, oh wow, there’s a really interesting message here. And so I frequently will Google, what is the meaning of seeing this, you know, Osprey or whatever it is that I’m seeing that day.

And it gives you like this added message, like what in the world? How is that even happening? Cause it’s so relevant to what I’m going through, but this animal just showing up and giving me this. What? So these are different ways that you can start seeing your environment that is giving back to you instead of just like, you’re kind of walking through the scene.

So being reactive in that It’s happening back in with nature, right? It really is nature and earth are so important for us. We are made from earth, right? We’re we’re part of this. And I think we, we sometimes disconnect from it. You’re really good about making sure you’re outside every single day for me, I am outside as much as I possibly can,

especially barefoot because for me, like I just need to feel the ground underneath me. That makes me feel grounded. So I guess here’s my question. Cause we’re, we’re running out of time. You and I, we both know could chat for three hours on this podcast. What are the non-negotiables for those of you listening? So Emily just talked about that.

Her non-negotiable was really that she needed to move her body. She needs to be outside or at least feel like she’s outside, right? What are the things that are non-negotiables for you? I want you to start thinking about that. What would it take for you to start trusting yourself? What are the things? And part of trusting yourself is giving yourself the non-negotiables.

If this is what you know you want and you desire and you need, why are you keeping yourself from doing it? Whatever it is that’s that’s right. There is probably one of the first steps in learning to trust yourself is letting your guard down and allowing yourself to do whatever it is that you’re wanting, right. Choosing to start listening. So Emily,

before we wrap up, can you give a couple of ideas, just some, some starter things that people can do to really start tapping into their intuition, their highest self trusting themselves. How are you want to say it? We’re saying the same thing here truly. So we’ve used the word higher self higher self. We’ve talked about trusting yourself. We’re talked about intuition.

We’re just using different words for the same thing. It’s tapping in to that inner knowing and leaning into what you know. So Emily, what are some ways that people can do that? Well, the biggest complaint, or I would say, objection, people have to listening or making space for meditation is nobody’s got time. And I know your listeners definitely talk about creating Ortiz versus making excuses.

Like I don’t have time, but let’s just bring it down for a second. We all have one minute. That’s all I ask is that if this resonates with you, I would invite you to find one minute. And what I would suggest you do during that one minute, and this can be just as you’re waking up in the morning before you even open your eyes,

or maybe as you’re brushing your teeth, or maybe you as you’re taking a shower or going for that walk again, these are not right. We’re not adding something additional to your plate. We’re incorporated into what you’re already doing. So you find one minute and you set a timer or not, and you just deeply breathe. I want you to imagine white source God,

that energy of white light coming into your body and washing down like a waterfall and letting go of any stress, strain, anxiety, depression, any of those icky feelings. Like you mentioned, you woke up with this morning, right? Just that pickiness, letting it all, just wash away, leave your body, and then replacing it with love, letting your body radiate love from the inside out.

That’s it. And so when you do that, just for one minute, you could already feel the energy shifted. So good. Right? And so just giving yourself one minute, no matter what it is, and then I would suggest you track it. So that’s one way that we healthy habits is we can track and reward ourselves if you want, but just doing a one minute meditation every day to just start breathing.

And when you do that, it starts to get you back into your body and you start to notice what’s going on in your body. And so it sort of is like this, like, you know, domino effect, one minute leads into two minutes, leads into 20 minutes. Next thing you know, you’re off in the Himalayas. I don’t know what happened to you,

but, but, but I would definitely invite a one minute meditation. The second thing I would definitely recommend is getting outside in nature. And I feel like it kind of goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway, is that we recharge our batteries and who isn’t exhausted right now. Like, are we all feeling our best? Now we have strain and stress and I would definitely recommend getting out in nature wherever you live,

whether it be you have a beach, you know, nearby, or even just a walk in the park and really be present with that time in nature. Allow yourself again, to let go of your stress, be where you are and really just enjoy the fresh air. Notice your senses, smell, touch, taste visually, like really bring all your senses present.

And again, you don’t have to do this for an hour long walk, just do it for a moment. And being in nature, what starts to happen is your thoughts will kind of just go. And the next thing you know, you start to process things and the next thing, you know, things start to occur to you. And then the next thing,

you know, you start to have brilliant ideas and you just allow that to move through your day. And then I guess lastly, I would definitely recommend using some, I think Tanya, you gave really great journal prompts. So these would be excellent prompts to just sit with your journal and see what comes out of you with no agenda. And just to let yourself get some stuff off your chest,

right? Whatever comes out of you without having to be really thoughtful, methodical, just start to write and maybe even process how you’re feeling, you know, tap in, what’s going on. How am I feeling? What am I thinking? And then write it on paper. These are all different, simple ways that you can bring your knowing to that next level,

because we were all born with intuition, but they show up in different ways. You know, some people have that, knowing that you just know like, you know, and versus some people have a more visual experience. Yeah. So you, you’re definitely a clear a knower. You, you know? Yep. I just know sometimes I’m like, I just know,

I don’t know how I know. I just know. And I guarantee some of you listening right now are like, oh, that’s true. And we discount it because we just know, we don’t know why we know or how we know, but there’s certain things in your world that you just know and we discount it because we’re like, well, but I didn’t learn that somewhere.

Or I didn’t, nobody told me this. That’s the best, knowing of all, that’s the absolute best thing of all. But it is. It’s, it’s learning to accept that knowing it’s learning to acknowledge it and to really practice listening to it. I think it’s really powerful. I think those are all really amazing, simple things you can do. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do next week.

In my weekly email, I will send you out something. One of those ideas that Emily just gave us to build off of. Right? So either I’ll, I’ll come up with a meditation for you or an activity or something like that, but I will email that to you next week. So those of you who are in my inner circle email, look for that coming next Tuesday,

if you’re not signed up for my emails, just go to Tanya dalton.com/email, and you can sign up. But let me go ahead and tell you guys to Emily’s website is Emily errands.com and I’ll have a link to her. Well in the email, first of all, but then also in the show notes, because Emily, as I said, has been so influential in my own life.

Thank you Emily, for coming on and letting us have this conversation. We might have to do this again because it’s so fun. It really is. You know how much I love talking to you. Thank you. It is fun. It is. It’s fun to, to sit with you any chance I can get. And if we do it publicly on a platform like your podcast,

I am all about it. So I want to say thank you to all the podcast listeners for your patience, with us giggling throughout the episode. And thanks for being here. Thank you for having me on it was so fun. Absolutely. Well, we always get a little lot. You and I, and I have to say this, this is what I want.

I want you all to hear as my listeners, we need to surround ourselves with people like this. People who are in our corner, who cheerlead us, but also kick us on the butt when we need it. Because Emily does that plenty for me. Right? And remind us to tap into our highest self, truly surrounding yourself with other people who care about you,

who love you. That’s one of the best ways to really start tapping into that intuition and trusting yourself because it feels safe. This is a safe place to do it. And I feel so blessed and so lucky to have friends that I can truly be authentically myself. Because if you cannot authentically be you, if you cannot trust in yourself, how can we expect anyone else to know you?

That’s what I want you to remember. Right? Trusting yourself, knowing yourself that right there. That’s the Intentional Advantage. Thanks so much for joining me today. Quick question though, before you go, do you like prizes? When you leave a rating and review of the Intentional Advantage podcast, you’ll be entered to win my life changing course, multiplying your time.

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And if that’s not enough of an incentive for you to win the multiplying your time course, I have to tell you the reviews are the number one thing that supports this podcast. And me, it’s the best way to spread the word and get business tips and strategies to all those other women out there who need it. So there you go. Two great reasons for you to go and leave a review right now.

So go ahead and do it, send that screenshot my way, because I want to give you a free course. And thanks again for listening today. I’ll be back next Tuesday and I’ll plan to see you then.


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