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October 8, 2019   |   Episode #:

143: How To (Realistically) Make The Leap

In This Episode:

Taking the leap toward your biggest dreams can feel scary or even downright terrifying. There’s a reason they call it “taking a leap” because we often are unsure of what the outcome will be. While there are risks that come with going after what you want, there are also a lot of risks that come from avoiding opportunity. Today, I’m sharing how to strategically make the leap so you can feel like you have a plan and know the risks involved. I’ll dive into how to reverse engineer a plan with the end goal in mind, how to determine which risks are worth taking and how to assess the positive outcomes that could come with taking risks.

Show Transcript:

The Big Idea

Whether you take the leap or not, there’s risk involved.

Questions I Answer

  • How can I assess risk?
  • How do I know whether I should take a risk or not?
  • What steps do I need to do to get ready for a big change?
  • Can I avoid risk?

Actions to Take

  • Think about the leap you’ve been wanting to take in your life, whether that’s a new job, career change, business or whatever else has been placed on your heart. Keep the end in mind and develop a plan.
  • Pick up a copy of my book, The Joy of Missing Out anywhere books are sold or by ordering online!

Key Topics in the Show

  • Starting with the end in mind so you can reverse engineer a plan

  • Recognizing that you’ll have to trudge through the highs and lows

  • Assessing positive outcomes that come with taking risks

  • How to know which risks are worth taking

  • 4 things to consider as you are assessing risks and creating a plan

Resources and Links

  • 4 Things to Consider When Assessing Risk:
    • Dip your toe in by taking some small risks
    • Remembering that fear isn’t always bad
    • Know that you’re going to fail
    • Start with the end in mind
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