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April 20, 2021   |   Episode #:

221: The Easiest Way to Increase Success

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Is it a successful, growing business that you want? It’s not always fun and games, but that doesn’t mean it has to be so hard either! If a thriving, successful business that allows you to scale and grow without having to sacrifice your personal life is what you want, this episode is for you. You’ll discover the key to a successful business, plus a few different strategies to increase yours, plus a little bit about what it’s like to lead a thriving, growing, successful 7-figure business–and how you can, too!

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The Big Idea

Success doesn’t mean sacrificing your personal life.

Questions I Answer

  • How can I grow a thriving business?
  • What do I need to focus on to scale?
  • How can I be more productive in my business?

Actions to Take

  • Invest in yourself and your business, and GROW your network! Remember: the more you connect and collaborate with others, the more successful you and your business will be. Head to tanyadalton.com/group to join my free, supportive community full of strong, action-takers in business + beyond.
  • Take 20-30 minutes out of your schedule this week to do some deep, visionary work as the CEO of your professional and personal life. How do you want your life to look 10 years from now? Write down what comes to mind, and then…
  • Take one small action step toward the big, beautifully lucrative, and successful life you want. Remember: having the right mindset + taking action go hand-in-hand. In order for success to happen, you need to focus on both!

Key Topics in the Show

  • The connection between mindset and taking action

  • Keys to a successful business

  • Importance of taking action in business

  • How to take action in business

  • Action steps to achieve success

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Show Transcript

Hello. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the intentional advantage podcast. I’m your host, Tanya Dalton. This is Episode 221 and it happens to be the very last
episode of our season on awakening. We have been exploring this idea of
really understanding how you think over the last 13 weeks or so. And
apparently you guys are loving these conversations. I think you’ve been loving
them as much as I have.
I have had so many comments, DMS emails from you guys talking about how
much you’re enjoying stepping into your most authentic selves, really diving
into this idea of your mindset. And this has been incredible. I love that
because truly when we focus on our mindset, when we awaken to how we
think and the noise going on in our heads nonstop, that’s when we’re able to
make these big shifts in our lives that lead us to making the impact we want.
And that’s what leads us to the success that we’re really looking for. And if
there is anything that we have learned about mindset and making these big
important shifts, it’s this, we have a lot more power and control than we
thought we did. You know, I think that this idea of awakening to our potential,
truly stepping into our authentic selves, not just as the leaders of our
businesses or for the teams that we manage,
but leaders of ourselves, of our lives and the choices we make that is
incredible. It really is. Once you accept responsibility for your own life, you can
do anything. You can do absolutely anything because your mindset makes all
the difference in what you believe you have available to you. It shifts our

thinking from scarcity to abundance. And after all, what we tell ourselves is
what we believe and what we believe is what we receive our beliefs become.
Our reality don’t believe me. Well, let me give you a little peek into what I
mean. I’m actually right now, about two days back from my vacation, where I
put my phone in airplane mode, before I left the airport, I went ahead and put
it into airplane mode. So I wasn’t tempted to peek at it at all. And I left my
phone in airplane mode for 10 days,
10 days straight did not turn it off airplane mode one single time. So during
those 10 days, do you want to know what happened? My seven figure
business thrived orders were processed. They were shipped out. Emails were
answered. Customers were being served. Coaches were keeping the
communications going in the community. Life continued on my business,
continued to grow while I was unplugged.
And here’s the beauty of the entire thing. To be honest with you, I came back
from my vacation and I turn airplane mode back on. I hit refresh on my email
inbox and I kind of braced myself like, whew, what’s this going to be like, I
came back to 12 emails in my inbox, 12. How is that possible? Well,
it’s possible because I believe you should grow your business so that you can
unplug from your business. And that is how I’ve structured. My business. My
team was not pinging me. They were not emailing me. I was not tagged in
any Google documents. No one contacted me because they respected that
boundary. I had set for myself and I’ve created systems.
I’ve created strategy. So everybody knows what they need to be doing
because here’s the real truth of the matter. A seven or eight figure business is
not the end goal. It’s the vehicle to get you to the lucrative life. That’s success,
success on your own terms. You see, I’ve empowered, I’ve aligned my team so
they understand, they all know the strategy of where we’re going each
They know what they need to work on. They understand how to get things
going without me being the bottleneck, which means I can take off, go watch
sea turtles in the Caribbean, go snorkeling every day with my kids and really
fully immerse myself in my personal life. And that’s really so important. And I
think that’s one of the mindset shifts we have to make as business owners.

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We don’t have to be on all the time. You know, when I was on my trip, I had
space to really think, to dive into some of the noise going on in my own head.
We’re totally being honest. I mean, mindset work. Isn’t something you check
off your list. You’re like one and done. It’s a continual process.
So I spent some time really thinking about my own thinking, thinking about
where I want to go really getting ideas and concepts in place of who I want to
be. And I spent time playing cards with my kids. I spent time swimming in the
Caribbean. I spent time having cocktails with John and having conversations
that had nothing to do with work, which is amazing.
And I read books. I actually brought six books with me on the trip. I’m kind of
a nerdy speed reader who love reading. I read five of those books and I
actually threw out the other one. So didn’t read all six because I got into, I was
reading these different books and I opened up this one book and I’m not
gonna tell you the name of the book because authors work really hard.
And this author, his point of view is his point of view and it’s okay. But I
opened up the book and I started reading it. I got through the introduction
and it was all about hustle and going, going go. I thought it was about
finding success. And really it was all about like muscling through and not
taking time to celebrate because you’re always looking for what the next
milestone is.
I was like, Oh, this doesn’t resonate. This doesn’t align with me at all. And so I
made a choice. I thought, you know what? Yeah. I spent, you know, 24 bucks
or whatever on this book, but that doesn’t mean I have to read it. I don’t agree
with it at all. And so some costs,
I’m not going to read it. And I’m able to do that without any guilt, because I
know who I am. Am. I know what I stand for because I’ve done so much
mindset work. You choose the life you lead. You, not somebody else. Al’s not
some podcast host or some author of a book or anybody else that is
ultimately your choice.
And if something doesn’t line up for you, you don’t have to do it just because
somebody tells you that, you know, they’ve trained people. And that’s one of
the things this guy talked about in his book. He’s trained these amazing
athletes to be able to accomplish great things with great sacrifice. And that’s

actually, one of the things he talked about in the introduction is if you want to
be great,
you have to be willing to forego your personal life. And then he goes, no, that
does not fly with me at all. And so that’s fine. That’s his point of view. And that
might be what works for some people. It’s not what works for me. I choose
the life I lead. I choose my mindset. That’s what it means to really be
authentically who you are,
that when you hear other people talking, you don’t take that as an affront to
your own choices. You don’t take that as an insult. You just think, Oh, okay,
works for you. Not for me. I’m pushing this book aside. I’m, you know, gonna
donate it or do something else with it. But yeah, not for me for somebody
Great. But that’s why it’s so important to be true to yourself. And that’s what I
want to dive into today is we’ve been talking, talking a lot about what’s
happening between your ears. Well, that conversation that’s been going on in
your head, but there’s another piece to the awakening puzzle that we want to
dig into. And that’s actually where I want us to go next season.
This other piece is other ingredients we need to, to help us, you know, achieve
that truest potential step into our authentic cells. Well, that second ingredient
is action. It’s all about taking action. It’s yes. You’ve made it these choices and
you’ve gotten your mind thinking one way, what are we going to be doing
next? How do we start taking action and getting momentum to that?
Because here’s, here’s a little tough love for you. No matter what success
means to you in your life, regardless of whether it looks or feels the same as
the definition of what I’ve come up with for my own life, it doesn’t happen
overnight. It doesn’t not to you not to me, not to anyone overnight is a
bedtime story. It’s a bedtime story that we tell ourselves to explain why
everybody else has it easier.
They got the lucky break. They knew the right people, the clouds parted and
the stars aligned, whatever that lie is that we tell ourselves the truth is there is
no overnight success. Success requires that we take action, that we make
moves to allow that abundance that we want in our lives. We have to make
that happen. Action is what puts everything in motion it’s increasing and

building the momentum so that we can succeed in however we want to
define success.
And here’s another thing after we start on the mindset, work that internal
reflective, deep thinking that we all know we need to do to help us grow
those action steps that we need to take to make them happen. There’s so
much easier to envision, and they’re so much easier to embrace with
confidence because we believe in them. I mean, think about it,
making shifts in what and how we think can open us up to so much more
than we often anticipate. We continually limit ourselves. We allow our current
situation to define us. So when we choose to shift our mindset, to see the
possibilities, we can act on the possibilities and that opens up so many doors.
We know this is true because we’ve been talking about this episode after
that it’s these tiny, small movements. It sees these ways of thinking that we
have about us, that when we become aware of them, when we become
cognizant, we can shift them and have ownership over them. Whether it’s the
limiting beliefs that we have about our potential or our talent or our skills, or
even the amount of money we think we can make,
or the impact we can make on the world. Those drastically shift from limiting
beliefs, into empowering beliefs, with just some tweaks and changes to our
mindset. Even common stumbling blocks like imposter syndrome. And that
really annoying a feeling of being stuck there, less daunting to tackle when
we make the shifts in our thinking. I mean, speaking of thinking, we talked
about overthinking last week,
another stumbling block, we talked about that with John. ACOF how you can
change that from a super problem into a super power by shifting mindset. So
here’s the thing. Let’s just be totally honest and real here. Mindset work is not
easy. It’s not something that’s just like, whoop, I’m going to change things I’m
done. Right. But if there’s anything that we’ve learned over the last two
really on shifting our mindset, this, the rewards of doing that hard work are
pretty damn sweet. Aren’t they, you know, earlier this season we had Dr.
Nicole LePera over on the show. And what she said was, you know, once we


realize that we have the power to heal ourselves, to shift our mindset, to
embrace the healthy changes that improve the choices we make,
the successful, the happy, the lucrative lives we want become easier to chief.
All it takes is for us to dig in, maybe grit your teeth a little bit and do the work.
Success hinges on taking action to drive you forward for the better, whatever
the better is. It’s your definition. So since we’re on the subject here, I want to
talk about what are some actionable steps we can take after making it,
these impactful shifts in our mindset. And of course, naturally they look a little
different for everybody because we all have our own businesses, our own
secret sauce that we focus our work on, but you know how much I love to talk
about business and share. What’s worked for me and other seven, eight, and
nine figure business owners that I’m friends with.
So I’ve got a few ideas to get you started, but before we dig into those, I want
to take just a moment for a quick mid-episode break.
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one of them that talks. And then I walk the talk. I actually live the lifestyle that
I talk about because I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a business owner outside of
being a coach. So I know what it’s like. I know how to run a business so you
can unplug from your business.
And if you’re liking what we’re talking about here on this episode, if you
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but we talk to about a lot of different ways. We can ensure that we’re
operating at our truest highest potential. So we can really leverage the
motivation, the focus and the energy to achieve success on our own terms.
And that my friend is the difference between getting from five figures to six,
six figures to seven and seven to eight. You know,
you have to focus on yourself and your business holistically. And that’s what I
do. I help you do that. And I give you the tools to be able to do that. And I
would love to have you with me growing and scaling a business is all about
designing a business that truly works for you. So head to
Tanyadalton.com/coaching, and you’ll find all the information you need to get
on that exclusive first access list.
All right, let’s get back to today’s episode because what I want to do and really
the purpose behind today’s episode is I want you to understand, and I want
you to see that marriage between what we’ve been talking about for these
last 13 episodes, really the last 26, because we had two seasons on mindset
and then moving forward into taking action. I want you to see how
interconnected those are and how we’re bridging those together.
So I want to talk about some ideas for taking action. And I’ve got a few tried
and true examples of what some of the most successful business owners and
leaders do to keep them performing at their best. And the truth of the matter
is this, the ideas are incredibly simple, no matter what your business is, there
are things you can implement into your routine to help you find that success
you want on your own terms.
Okay? So the first thing is, regardless of your industry, the most successful
business owners and leaders make it a priority to stay sharp. You got to have
the mindset that you are worth investing in. You are absolutely worth
investing in. And that if we get you as a leader, really focusing in on who you
want to be, how you want to run your business,
how you want it designed, you can do absolutely anything with it. So we want
to stay sharp. We want to keep investing in ourselves, meaning we’re signing
up for courses or programs or classes to help you improve your existing skills
or to learn new, bigger, better ways to grow and scale your business. We want
to constantly be evolving and changing into who we want to be.

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And I know this because this is something I routinely do myself to be a better
business owner. And I want to be the best CEO I possibly can be. So if I’m not
taking a program, you can bet I got a fat stack of books, all about business or
marketing or whatever, to help me boost my skills and stay fresh. I mean,
I took six books with me on my vacation because I’m constantly voraciously
learning and every successful female CEO that I know running multiple seven
figures is doing that as well. So I want you to think about this. What does
staying sharp look like for you? What does investing in yourself look like? I
want you to focus in on that and start taking some steps towards that
lucrative life you want. You got to stay sharp.
And then the second idea is to make connections. Connections, connections,
connections are so incredibly important. Finding a group online full of
entrepreneurs, business owners, certified professionals that you can go and
find and get ideas from to collaborate with, to network, with, to keep your
ideas and creativity flowing. You know, this is the thing is it’s good to have
community where you’re with other people who are like-minded maybe in
the same industry as you,
but I truly believe it is even more important to have a diverse community
filled with people with different ideas, different concepts coming from
different industries, because that’s how we get a more robust, well rounded
thought process for ourselves and our business. When we get outside of the
little tiny bucket of our own industry, we start to gather ideas from other
people who have totally different viewpoints,
totally different ways of looking at their businesses. And that helps us step up
our game. And it helps them step up their game by hearing what we’re doing
as well. You have a lot to contribute into the conversations and here’s
something I really want to make sure that you hear me on. You don’t have to
do this alone. I think a lot of times we think that rowing our business,
doing the work we’re doing, getting on that path for success means we got to
do it all by ourselves. We have to do it alone. And that was actually a mistake
that I made for several years. I had no one around me and I got really burned
out. I felt really stagnant. A lot of the times, you’re not meant to stay feeling
alone or isolated on your own little tiny Island.

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There are other women around you without abundance mindset who are
craving that lucrative life, just like you are or who are achieving it. And when
we, as women come together in community truly, and I mean, truly anything
is possible. In fact, joining a community of women business owners is one of
the very best action steps I’ve probably ever taken. That is another example of
an investment in yourself.
The positive impact it’s made, not just on my business, but on my personal life
as well. Just the way that I look at myself. And I think about my business. It’s
incredible. It’s absolutely game changing. So if you haven’t branched out, if
you haven’t joined a community of women that you can look to for support
guidance, encouragement along your journey,
on the way to the top, then what are you waiting for? What are you waiting
for? Stop feeling like you have to do it alone. Stop waiting, start doing it is
time. I want you to make this commitment. We can make this commitment
together. As a matter of fact, we can, if you don’t have a community of
women behind you yet come over to mine.
It’s free. It’s full of women who are raring to go loving that lucrative life as well.
And you know what? Let’s go ahead. Let’s make that our first momentum
builder for today. If you’re not part of a group, or if you are still come over to
my group, Tanyadalton.com/group, it’s a community designed and built for
women just like you.
Women who resonate with what we talk about here on the podcast. We talk
about a lot of those same ideas and concepts. We go deeper and, and we, we
get to know each other and that is so vital. So that’s your first momentum
builder. We’re going to go ahead and start the momentum builders right
now, because I think it is that important.
I do have a couple of quick momentum builders. I want to add on top of this
because I do want to give you a little nudge, but right now, if you haven’t
joined my group, Tanyadalton.com/group, go join that now. And then let’s talk
about a couple other momentum builders.
Momentum builder number two: this was going to be number one, but now
it’s number two. I want you to set aside some time this week, I’m talking
20-30 minutes. This is not a huge chunk of time, not a big investment, but
what I want you to do is I want you to take a quick visionary, dive into your
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business. I want you to swap out, take that bird’s eye view, or actually in The
Intentional CEO Mentorship program, we call it the forest view.
I want you to take that big view and I want you to consider, Where is it you
want to be this time next year, assuming the sky’s the limit? You know what:
Hold on. The sky is not the limit. We can go even further than that.
There is no limit because when it comes to success for you, as the CEO, as the
leader of your business, you can be the boss of it all of your entire life. So I
want you to think about, where do you want to be 12 months from today?
Where is it you want to go? I want you to take 20-30 minutes; really easy to do,
right? And I want you to think about it. And then I want you to write it down.
Think it over, write it down. And then that brings us to momentum builder
number three: I want you to take that idea, that concept, you just came up
with it, that you wrote down after your 20-30 minutes, and I want you to
choose one action step; one that you can take that will bring you a step closer
to that big destination you have in mind.
All right? It doesn’t have to be a huge step. It doesn’t have to be giant. If it is a
giant leap. Great, good for you; more power to you. But just one step, small,
tiny, incremental minuscule. It doesn’t matter. It just needs to be in the
direction you want to go.
I want you to start making a little bit of movement towards that success
you’re looking for. Remember, we do the mindset work first. So we took the
visionary look, and then we do the positive momentum building action steps
to get ourselves to reach that high potential. It’s absolutely possible mindset
and taking action. They go hand in hand. They’re like best friends, which is
why we’re going to go into tactics and strategies for taking action next
When we take responsibility for our lives, when we choose how we think, and
then we choose to act, that’s when we find the empowerment, we need to
truly awaken and to step into that next phase of ourselves as leaders in our
in our homes, in our businesses and in the world at large. And that right there,
that is when we know you got the Intentional Advantage.

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